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Tips on How to Sail Through and Survive College Life

By Kyle Albert Image courtesy of  “Anwaar” College can be an overwhelming experience, especially if you were homeschooled for years. Leaving the comforts of your own home for a new one feels like entering a whole new world. There will be challenges and bumps ahead, but there are gadgets, mobile applications, and simple tips to […]

College Life: Should You Join a Fraternity or Sorority?

by Aniya Wells One of the most fulfilling aspects of the college experience is the social aspect. Often, you’ll make lifelong friends during your four or more years you spend earning your bachelor’s degree. One way to have access to a tight knit social group in college is through the Greek system. While not all […]

College Life: How Many Credits Should I Take?

By Archer With the social life pressures, peer pressure, the stress of adulthood and the stress of classes, college can be quite the daunting and intimidating situation. But, fear not, there are plenty of people (friends, colleagues, parents, academic advisors and professors) who are more than willing to help you and guide you along the […]

Life After College

By Nancy Parker I’ve been reading a whole lot of articles on getting jobs after college, how to dress for success, whether you should live at home with mom and dad or get your own place, and on and on. All of these are important topics to be sure, but let’s focus on some of […]