College Life Dilemma – Make Learning Stress-free

By Jose Miller

The only problem in today’s world is that there is too much competition around us that has turned us into a hungry monster! This is mostly true for school/college going students as well as employees we see around us. Every day we wake up early and fight with time just to complete our chores within the deadline given to us. This has resulted in degrading and humiliating the concept of creativity and novelty, as originality is the antonym of deadline. You can not even think to be creative, when all you have is a set amount of time. There was a time when school going children used to study in peace and tranquility, and all they had to do was take their lunch boxes with them, the rest was the job of school. But now, young students are heavily burdened with their school books, which results in them being lethargic and physically drained. How can teachers expect them to be fresh early in the morning when they are asked to do loads of donkey work? We usually think that as we grow older, the amount of workload will be reduced as well as our lives will be in utter peace, but who knew that the work load in the future, is going to be as twice as it was given to us in schools? Just because of such reasons, there are students who can hardly concentrate on what they are studying. Their quality of education has been reduced to zero, where all they worry about are deadlines.

Start Early

If you are a college student and worry about not completing various tasks on time, then all you can do is to start today. The day you are being allotted an assignment and are told to complete a specific task, stop wasting time anymore and go to your study table! This will actually help you, if you tend to create a pile of tasks and leave it for the very last day, your life will be miserable, but if you start your work on the very same day, you will see how much time you are getting throughout the day.

Ask for Support

Take help from elders within your households, rather than being ashamed and thinking that a twenty year old individual should not be asking for help, this is a sign of failure. You can expect to need help, as you are not an expert yet and still in the phase of studying. Take help from parents in terms of various projects and assignments such as a physics assignment or even projects of other subjects.

Stay Strong

Try to divert your mind by allowing your body to do healthy exercises. Along with that, a workout for the minds such as yoga is helpful to enhance concentration and focus. Eat and sleep well, this will allow you to be more fresh and energetic. This energy can be used to perform various college chores and projects that were once considered as impossible to complete.

Stay Composed

Lastly, a tensed and a stress filled mind will not only kill your ability to think, but also creates obstacles in your way to be inspired. Try to relax, breathe and keep on continuing the mind exercises to divert your attention from anxiety and pressure.

Author’s Bio: One of the best writers who has been working for for many years now is Jose Miller. He is known for his amazing research work about ICT, technology and Green City.

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