College Life: Should You Join a Fraternity or Sorority?

by Aniya Wells

One of the most fulfilling aspects of the college experience is the social aspect. Often, you’ll make lifelong friends during your four or more years you spend earning your bachelor’s degree. One way to have access to a tight knit social group in college is through the Greek system. While not all universities have fraternities and sororities, many do. As your homeschooling education is culminating, like mine did about ten years ago, you should prepare yourself now for all the collegiate decisions you’ll have to make once you enter university. Consider the following about Greek life:

1. Fraternities and sororities offer an instant social group. This is perhaps the greatest advantage of joining a Greek organization. After going through the initial rushing and initiation process, you participate in many bonding activities that can afford you instant, incredibly close friends. Girls in my sorority in college I still talk to at least once a week, and we all very regularly get together throughout the year, even though we live in different parts all over the country.

2. The Greek system can be expensive, depending on the fraternity or sorority you join. This is one aspect of the Greek system that often gets overlooked. Depending on the fraternity or sorority you join, you can expect to pay some hefty member dues. When it’s rushing time, figure out which organizations are more affordable. One of my friends was in a fraternity that charged $800 a semester on member dues alone!

3. Steer clear of organizations that force members to do things that make you uncomfortable. You’ve heard the horror stories of hazing rituals gone wrong. While I think, for the most part, these are fairly isolated instances, don’t ever join an organization that encourages or forces its members to partake in activities that are dangerous or illegal. Of course, you’ll likely encounter alcohol, but be aware that if you join the right Greek organization, you’ll never be peer pressured into drinking. I didn’t touch one drop of alcohol in college, and all my sorority sisters respected that. The Greek system is supposed to be fun, and for the most part, it is. Steer clear of the bad apples.

4. The Greek system often encourages volunteerism, which can be incredibly rewarding. Aside from the social aspect of the Greek system, there’s the wider community aspect that I really enjoyed as well. Most fraternities and sororities will go out into their respective communities and volunteer in various capacities. If you join a religiously affiliated Greek organization, fraternities and sororities can also help you stay in touch with your faith. These were some of the most rewarding moments during my undergraduate career.

To go Greek or not go Greek is a tough question. It’s not absolutely essential to enjoying your time in college, so even if the Greek system predominates at your school, don’t feel obliged to join it. At the same time, it can truly enhance your experience.

What do you think about Greek organizations? Are you considering joining a fraternity or sorority? Why or why not, and what are your concerns? Chime in below!

Aniya Wells is a freelance blogger who loves writing about education, new technology, lifestyle and health. As an education writer, she works to provide helpful information on the best colleges and college experiences. 

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