Life Skills 101: Intro to Adulting

It takes no time for kids to grow into teenagers, and then adults with lives of their own. They have to learn the skills that will help them succeed in the world beyond school. From staying motivated to making and keeping friends, navigating school and life can be complicated. So we’ve gathered the best on YouTube to help teens feel confident by teaching them the life skills they need to know. We like to call it Life Skills 101: Intro to Adulting.

These videos are presented by engaging, inspiring creators who offer school and life tips on how to stay organized, get involved, and more. Whether the challenge is to get organized for college or to find a new hobby, this curated selection of channels, videos, and playlists features creators who break it all down into accessible, efficient advice that tweens and teens can count on. Best of all, the videos were reviewed by Common Sense Media’s affiliated partner Sensical and chosen for their ability to offer helpful, insightful advice about everyday topics.


Kize Bae (age 11+)

Kids can do anything, and Kize Bae is here to show them how. Tackling a new hobby in each video, her goal is simple: to show improvement in 30 days. Whether she’s learning how to sing, play soccer, or solve a Rubik’s Cube, her can-do attitude is bound to encourage viewers to try new things. Her tips on staying motivated and curious help promote life skills that teens can apply at home, in school, and in their relationships.

Cajun Koi Academy (age 15+)

Brothers Mike and Matt use a combination of live action and animation to take viewers on a journey of learning and self-discovery. Join Cajun Koi Academy to supercharge study sessions, level up on self-improvement, and embrace a positive mindset.

Domonique Cynthia (age 15+)

Is your tween or teen wondering what college is like? Domonique interviews college and graduate students from across the U.S. and Europe to get the inside scoop with interesting questions. Their answers will entertain as much as they educate, so get your note-taking pen ready. Class is in session!

Gohar Khan (age 15+)

In need of study tips, school skills, or college application support? Gohar Khan has your teen covered—often in 60 seconds or less! His videos guide students through school skills such as mastering the art of the essay, completing homework efficiently, and improving memorization skills. Gohar uses his own experiences, a relatable tone, and relevant materials to connect with and engage his audience.

Study Hall (age 15+)

Welcome to Study Hall, where study sessions come to life. Whether your teen is a student in need of course support or is looking to explore new topics, this series will light the way. Study Hall makes learning enjoyable and effective, breaking down complex subjects into digestible, enjoyable content.


How to College (age 13+)

Join Dr. Erica to learn how to start college off right! From choosing the right school to managing finances after graduation, Dr. Erica demonstrates how to approach every task, no matter how challenging. With lively animation and humor, this engaging series makes college essentials an entertaining breeze.


How to Find Your Passion | Improvement Pill (age 11+)

Is your tween on a quest to find their passions and inner callings? This Improvement Pill video unpacks 11 general life abilities to help guide kids’ journey of self-discovery. From musical and logical to digital and visual, each skill and its related career path is broken down seamlessly, perfect for beginners and curious minds alike.

Guide to Maintaining Friendships | Watchwellcast (age 13+)

We all need somebody to lean on, and Watchwellcast is here to help you find just that. Whether your teen is looking for a best friend or wants to know how to approach a friendly new face in class, the straightforward social skills presented in this video will help them form new bonds, build confidence, and become more self-aware.

How to Balance School & Extracurriculars | Studyquill (age 13+)

Say goodbye to the time crunch! This video provides practical time management tips and strategies to help teens bring better balance to their lives. It is possible to achieve academic and extracurricular goals while staying well rounded—let this video guide the way.

How to Balance School and Extracurricular Activities While Having a Life | Fayefilms (age 15+)

Feeling overwhelmed while trying to balance school, activities, and personal time? This Fayefilms video offers a young person’s perspective on mastering time management. By sharing practical tips and tricks, along with real-life experiences, the advice in this video can help teens foster a more balanced, self-caring lifestyle. Make the time to check it out.

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