Strange Sleeping Habits of Famous People

By Josh

We’re constantly reminded how getting plenty of sleep is important in order to function normally. But everyone has their own interpretation of how much sleep they need. Sacrificing the sleeping time or cracking an individual sleeping pattern that feels right for them is a common thing, and many people also develop some strange sleeping habits, from creating a special atmosphere to establishing a specific sleep position.

For example, Lady GaGa has publicly stated that she sometimes sleeps inside the egg which she used for the performance of her hit single “Born This Way.” She calls it a “vessel” and says that she once stayed inside it for three whole days.

However you go about it, sleep is a good idea especially if you have a serious job to do as a scientist or CEO, you need to be able to think and make decisions. Or if you are an athlete, you must get enough rest so that you have the energy to play your sport well. Even if you are a famous celebrity, sleep is a precious commodity. After all, you spend your life in the public eye with people taking your picture and asking you questions.

Some people will stop at nothing to ensure that they get their full eight hours without being disturbed or woken up. Their sleeping habits often affect how well they perform on the job so they do everything they can to get a decent night’s sleep.

Eminem has to put tinfoil over his windows to keep out as much light as possible and, when on tour, likes to have white noise playing out of his speaker. Eminem claims that this helps him sleep better between time zones while on tour.

Yet, for some of the most successful people on earth, sleep is elusive and they have trouble getting enough of it. For example, Madonna is a long term insomniac and has publicly stated that she takes medication to treat it. The singer only gets around four hours of sleep per night.

Some people don’t even want to sleep. They see it as nothing but an inconvenience and they will try hard to avoid it, or minimize the time they sleep so they can focus on more important things. For example, Thomas Edison and Leonardo da Vinci thought sleep is a waste of time and they only took power naps during the day.

Then there is the other extreme of having to fight against sleeping too much. Jimmy Kimmel has a condition known as narcolepsy, which causes him to fall asleep at inappropriate and dangerous times, such as when he is driving his car or at meetings for his TV show.

Sometimes people have to sleep in unusual circumstances out of necessity. Just this week, billionaire Elon Musk has said he’s back to sleeping at the Tesla factory to oversee production of the firm’s highly-anticipated Model 3 electric car, which has been marred by delays as the firm struggles to keep up with pre-order demands.

If you want to learn more about some of today and history’s most prominent figures and their strange sleeping habits, check out the infographic below. It contains information on scientists and inventors, artists and writers, politicians and presidents, business people, entertainment and sports celebrities. This interesting collection of bewildering and bizarre sleeping habits gathered by Celeb Jury will certainly awaken your interest.


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