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Homeschooling Teen – January 2018

Happy New Year! The January issue of Homeschooling Teen magazine is online!



Bailey Hartman: Homeschool Student Earns College Degree

Homeschooling teen Bailey Hartman simultaneously earned her high school diploma, Associate in Arts degree & Certified Nursing Assistant license.


Catawba Valley Community College

Catawba Valley Community College offers a wide range of academic programs for a variety of learners.


Online Education Resources for Homeschooled Teens in 2018

Online education is a great resource for homeschooled teens.


Financial Literacy for Teens

A parent-taught course in personal finance / financial literacy can be a practical and valuable elective for homeschooling teens.


The Benefits of Getting Enough Sleep for Teens

Here’s why getting enough sleep should be one of your New Year’s resolutions.


5 Ways Teen Students Can Prepare for a Nursing Career

If you enjoy helping people while using your knowledge of physical and social sciences, a nursing career may be ideal for you.


The Sculptor Hypothesis

If humans are the product of natural processes, we should not be surprised that statues can be as well.


Alien Intrusion: Unmasking a Deception

This documentary seeks to solve one of the most haunting and persistent mysteries of our time by addressing UFO sightings from a Christian perspective.


5 Best Foods to Boost Your Mood

These five foods are among the most effective to naturally boost your mood.


OttLite Brings Natural Daylight Indoors

OttLite technology brings the power of natural daylight indoors for better working, crafting, studying and reading conditions.


DIY PVC Catapults Large and Small

Manny made his own catapults, both large and small, out of PVC pipe.


Top 5 Ways to Start Learning Game Design and Animation

You don’t necessarily need to take a formal class to learn about game design and animation.


Top 10 Most Anticipated Games of 2018

Here are our top ten most anticipated games of 2018!


Fogsoft Custom Software Development Services Scholarship

Fogsoft is proud to offer the Custom Software Development Services and Procurement Management Software Solutions Scholarships.


Stephen King in Film: Hits and Misses

No author has seen his work made into more movies than Stephen King, but was every movie a success?


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