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OttLite Brings Natural Daylight Indoors

For many people, the winter season is a months-long battle with fatigue, irritability and depression. It’s called Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD, appropriately. The cause of SAD is lack of sunlight. Natural light brings about positive moods, which is also beneficial for enhancing learning. If only you could find a bright spot of sunshine on a gloomy day!

Photobiology Pioneer Dr. Ott

Have you ever seen those Disney movies with all the beautiful flowers opening and dancing – growing from seed to full bloom before your eyes? Then you’ve seen the work of Dr. John Nash Ott. A photobiologist and pioneer in light research, Dr. Ott is known as the father of time lapse photography. He was asked by the Walt Disney Company to film the entire growth of a pumpkin for Disney animators to draw the transformation of Cinderella’s pumpkin into a carriage.

Filming had to take place indoors to protect the extensive camera equipment. At first the plant would grow and then die. Dr. Ott tried several things, but nothing would work. Then he changed the lighting. What he found was that under some lighting conditions, only male pumpkin flowers grew, but no females. The lights were adjusted and then only females were produced, but no males. After several experiments, Dr. Ott was able to provide the proper range of light wavelengths and the pumpkin grew. Not only did he help Cinderella arrive at the ball, but this remarkable work sparked his imagination leading him to explore the benefits of natural daylight and how it can help people see and feel better.

The Magic of OttLites

In 1989 Dr. Ott founded OttLite® Technologies to bring the power of natural daylight indoors through his one-of-a-kind natural daylight bulb. Dr. Ott discovered through 40 years of scientific research the remarkable effects specific wavelengths of light have on all living things. Known as the father of full-spectrum lighting, his research concluded that a light with the entire visible spectrum of light wavelengths was best for vision and well being. This led to the development of the first sunlight lamp.

From Dr. Ott’s incredible research, the OttLite® was born, bringing the power of natural daylight indoors! Now many people around the globe swear by OttLites for reading, studying, drawing, crafting, sewing, knitting and more. OttLite’s natural daylight illumination really does help you to see everything more clearly, whether it’s a cloudy day or you’re working late at night.

Make Reading and Studying Easier

Proper lighting is a major factor when it comes to reading, writing, studying, or anything else that requires attention to detail. Light can be strenuous on the eyes if an insufficient bulb is selected. Natural light is the best choice because it shows colors at their true and best form.

Natural light is perhaps the single most important element in the learning environment. Research shows that in daylighted classrooms, math scores improve by 20%, verbal scores by 22%, and reading scores by 26% compared to those with less daylight.

OttLite® lighting brings the power of natural daylight indoors. The low heat, low glare, natural illumination helps reduce eyestrain and increase focus to create a comfortable environment for studying, reading, computer work, and close up/detail work. This great lamp:

  • Allows one to read and see with amazing clarity and comfort.
  • Helps reduce eyestrain caused by glare and distortion.
  • Brings the power of natural daylight indoors.
  • Improves image and detail resolution with a balance of wavelengths that enhance vision and peak at the optimal level for comfort of the human eye.
  • Ideal for studying, reading and everyday tasks.
  • Ideal for indoor photography (eBay sellers take note!).
  • Space saving design fits anywhere in the home or office.

OttLites come in many different designs to use as desk lamps, task lamps, table lamps, floor lamps, and clip-on lamps. Check them out!

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