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The Good, the Bad, the Reading

By Nick Maker      We the people of this earth have always progressed so much in our history by inventing, exploring, researching, and how does it all start? In mankind we study our language first, the sound we hear, and the letters we invent to see. That’s how we made the greatest invention that […]

Stepping Stones

A Monthly Devotional, by Michaela Popielski I can’t believe we are 9/12ths through with the year. Crazy right? On a different note, for this month’s article, I didn’t really have any inspiration other than God’s love for us. I know this is talked about a lot but the other day I saw a documentary about […]

How to Become a Better Reader

I know what you’re thinking – you already learned how to read in kindergarten, right? Well, reading is more than just recognizing words on a page. It involves the ability to interpret text by recognizing a writer’s intentions, perceiving what is implied but not stated, making connections between the ideas you read and personal experience […]

Reading Current Events

This month, I want to write about something different. I have been writing about current events around the world, but I thought that for a change, I would write about reading current events. I love reading current events, and yes, I am a teen. Some might think I am a weirdo for checking out the […]

Prepare for College: Read the Bible

College Bound Reading List Prepare for College: Read the Bible By Derek Melleby   Students who desire to transition smoothly from high school to college should read and understand the Bible. You probably expect this kind of advice coming from me. In my work with CPYU’s College Transition Initiative, I have written and spoken often […]

Books for Summer

College Bound Reading List Books for Summer Relax and be inspired with these books about sailing and the sea, nature, travel, adventure, and more. Dana, Richard Henry. Two Years Before the Mast. (A detailed autobiographical account of a two-year trip out of Boston and around Cape Horn to California circa 1834. For an extra touch […]