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How Writing Plays an Important Role to Build a Professional Career

By Garima Sharma

Good command of English is the most prominent aspect required in every professional field. Being the international official language, English is the only language accepted all over the world. Be it software providers or public servants or renowned multi-national companies, every field requires good writing skills and fluency in English.

Mark Twain, a renowned American writer, is quoted as saying:

“Writing Is Easy. All You Have To Do Is Cross Out The Wrong Words.”

To be an excellent writer, you don’t have to earn any specialized degree. Your passion and the English-enhancing test such as IELTS is there to assist you to be a master in writing. In this article, you will get to know about the integral role played by English in the business world.

Promotes Extreme Professionalism

Excellent writing skills are considered to be the paramount of professionalism based on journals, reports, editors, book publishers, and authors. All these professional fields exist because of the superb writing skills of the people associated with these industries. When a person is hired to this industry, the first thing to be preferred is the writing skill.

As the days change and develop, the thinking abilities of the readers along with their interests also change. Thus, being a writer you have to put an effort into composing unique write-ups every time so that the readers stay engaged and find more interest in a new way. Furthermore, before writing, the writer has to understand the subject to the fullest and beautifully organize the words.

Develops Communication between the Readers and the Writers

If you want to be a good writer, you can attempt the IELTS test. Though there are two sections of it, General Training is suitable for you. It will improve your grammatical base and let you know the art of expressing the idea, so that it will directly strike the mind of the reader and they can be able to clearly understand your write-up.

Communication and expression are interconnected and one cannot exist without the other. If your expressive words can accurately reflect your meaning without being too strong, then communication will develop and your writing will gain prominence as well.

Once it garners fame, the author will soon come into the limelight and every write-up will be promoted. So, poor writing skill means a great hindrance to the promotion of the book, newspaper, magazine, and website you are associated with for so long.

Enlarges Your Critical Thinking Ability

In this generation, especially after the advent of digitalization, people have news and information from around the world at their fingertips. The mobile apps make what used to be unknown, known to everyone. To keep up with the times, rather than the longer paragraphs of old they are more interested in a short, crisp, and engaging write-up.

Even the children are now hunting for quick wit and interesting comics with relevant graphics. Still, writing plays an important role in this hi-tech world. No doubt the IELTS exam is unmatched in building a successful writing career option, but now it does not end with exceptional writing skill. It is also about a way of thinking and critical analysis.

For some of you, it seems that critical analysis is only required in science and technological fields. But if you observe carefully, writing is no less than science and technology. Only critical analysis assists you to play smartly with words so that you can clearly express the meaning of the content with smaller precise paragraphs.

Promotes Business to the Next Level

Good writing skill is not only meant for engaging readers of any book, journal, and magazine, but it also has a pivotal role in enhancing the business. Writing is a way to offer a deal, send an email, and prepare a presentation. IELTS General Training is reliable for such write-ups. It will not only improve the writing skill only but also enable you to prioritize the different kinds of write-ups.

It enables you to compose informative, formal, and to-the-point applications, email, memos, and other official documents. This will make you better able to distinguish between informal and formal word choice, so you can compose appropriate write-ups according to business needs and preferences.

Expands the Angle of Observation

Observation skill is another crucial point that is enhanced by good writing skill. It might confuse you how it can do so. But a good professional writer reviews every angle of the topic and designs the content of the story, newspaper, blog, and other professional write-ups.

They have the ability to throw together content on the same topic but in different ways. Thus, it allows the readers to visualize the message from varied perspectives. The IELTS test has a section on Speaking and Listening that can assist you in this skill.

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