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5 Homeschooling Tips for Parents of Teens

By Claudia With homeschool training, you can help your child in many ways. You provide them the option of modifying their educational requirements. For example, online and practical trainings provide opportunities to become acquainted with a desired degree program. There is a huge amount of information available for parents who homeschool their kids. But when […]

5 Green Activities for Teens

Ideally, it’s up to the younger generation to make sure that the earth’s future is a promising one. That said, it’s important to teach children about sustainability as soon as possible. If your child is now in his or her teen years, it’s still not too late. There are tons of fun, age appropriate green […]

Extracurricular Activities

Colleges and universities of all types – private and public, secular and religious, large and small – ask applicants to list their participation in extra-curricular activities during the high school years. They are looking for students with strong community involvement. This could include volunteer service, work experience, after-school projects, and individual endeavors in whatever the […]