7 Intriguing Science Experiments

Science can often seem boring in school. Yet, its importance can’t be underestimated.

In subjects like Biology, Chemistry, and Physics, students need to understand the basic terms and foundational ideas. If they fail to understand those, everything else may seem totally meaningless. But sometimes the long words, definitions, and just the overall concepts can be difficult to understand.

Walter Lewin, former professor of Physics at MIT, said that “teachers who make physics boring are criminals.” It’s not always the fault of the teacher, either. Dull, bland textbooks are just as much to blame. No wonder students find it so hard to engage in lessons.

If students willingly embrace science and immerse themselves in the subject instead of fearing or disliking it, they will do better. One of the best ways to develop interest about science among people of any age is to let them experience science practically.

It’s common knowledge that pictures and actions can speak louder than words. That’s why hands-on science centers and museums with a strong emphasis on interactive science education are so popular.

Students should be able to perceive the awesomeness of science without needing to study a lengthy book at first. One way to ensure that is through science experiments.

BestForTheKids.com has created an inforgraphic showing 7 intriguing science experiments that you can conduct in the comfort of your own home. They are simple to do and suitable to be performed by kids and teens.

  • The Fire-Proof Balloon
  • The Straw Through the Potato Experiment
  • The Water Defying Gravity Experiment
  • The Egg & Toothpaste Experiment
  • The Tea Bag Rocket Experiment
  • The Turning Pennies Green Experiment
  • The Making Fake Snow Experiment

These fun experiments offer some easy and inexpensive ways to integrate science projects and activities into your summer schedules. The whole family will enjoy them!

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7 Intriguing Science Experiments for Kids Infographic
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