How To Give Your Homeschooled Teens a Much-Needed Break

two teen girls taking a break

Your homeschooled teenagers probably work very hard. Between school, extracurricular activities, chores and jobs, these kids are busy. That’s why you should encourage them to take a much-needed break on a regular basis and have some fun. Read on for some break time ideas to suggest to your homeschooled teens.

Enjoyable Games

First, you might encourage your teens to find a few enjoyable games to turn to when they need a break. These might be favorite physical games like basketball or tennis, but also encourage your teens to learn some new games. You might provide some pickleball paddles, balls and rules and let them go at it, for instance. Your teens might prefer board or card games, and that’s okay, too. Again, balance old favorites with some new offerings, perhaps ones that focus on strategy (chess) or vocabulary building (Scrabble). Even video games could be a good option if you pay close attention to what your teens are playing and help them avoid games with too much violence or adult themes.

A Special Outing

Another break time option may be a special outing. If your teens have been wanting to go to a baseball game or an amusement park, then schedule a day to take them. You could do something simpler, too, even a lunch out and an afternoon at the park, a visit to a museum or a little shopping. Let yourself relax and have fun along with your teens, and you’ll all return to your work and studies refreshed.

A Downtime Day

If an outing doesn’t fit into the schedule or the budget, you might provide your homeschooled teens with a downtime day right at home. Just take the day off, and give your teens a break from their regular schedule. They might enjoy reading or watching movies, working on arts and crafts projects, spending time outdoors or even taking a nice, long nap. Don’t schedule anything on this free day. Let your teens decide what they want to do (within reason, of course). You might even want to join them, at least for a while.

Fun With Friends

Perhaps your teens are quite social. Then they might want to spend break time with their friends. You could allow them to invite their friends over for the afternoon so that you can keep an eye on them. Provide a few project options or activities to avoid cries of “I’m bored!” You might also let your teens go to their friends’ houses (if you know they will be supervised by adults) or to community activities. Always set ground rules for proper behavior, and make sure your teens follow them.

A Family Vacation

Maybe it’s time for a little larger break, like a family vacation. Set aside a weekend, several days or even a week, and just get away. Depending on your family’s interests, you might go camping, head for the beach or explore a new city. Try to include an activity or two for every family member, and encourage everyone else to participate enthusiastically. Don’t neglect some learning opportunities either, but blend them in so that your teens will be having so much fun they won’t even realize they’re continuing their education.


Finally, don’t neglect the value of mini-breaks for your homeschooled teens. These can happen any time during the day. You might suggest that your teens take a little break for some exercise in the midst of a frustrating lesson, for instance. You could also provide free time in the afternoon for an activity of your teens’ choosing, whether that might be a game, silent reading, journal writing, outdoor relaxation, or whatever is especially appealing.

Your homeschooled teens work hard, so give them some time off now and then. Everyone needs a break!

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