Outschool Homeschool Enrichment Classes


Outschool.com is an innovative education platform that offers a variety of engaging classes online. Unlike traditional classrooms, Outschool gives kids the unique opportunity to explore their interests in-depth via interactive, live video by experienced, independent educators, in small group classes. There are one-on-one private music lessons as well.

When Outschool was founded in 2015, homeschoolers were the first to discover the classes, but it wasn’t long before kids in conventional schools began supplementing their education with fun and unique, interest-based classes. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Outschool became vital to families who wanted to keep kids learning, social, and pursuing their passions.

Today, Outschool offers more than 140,000 live online classes to more than 1,000,000 learners in 183 countries worldwide. Whether you’re looking for a semester-long class, clubs, or a one-time course, Outschool has classes, camps, and groups on just about any topic you can imagine to fit your learner’s needs, even neurodiverse learners.

Subject categories include: Homeschooling, English, Math, Arts, Languages, Music, Science, Coding & Tech, Social Studies, Health & Wellness, Life Skills & Games. Classes are categorized by age level: 3-5, 6-9, 10-13, and 14-18. Some are one-time classes while others are ongoing or semester courses. Go to Outschool.com and search for classes by date, day/time, age, class size, price, subject, and more.

Keep your kids inspired and engaged with online classes, clubs, and camps covering all their favorite topics. Learner favorites include: Dungeons & Dragons, Earth Science, Geology, Science Experiments, Weather, Teen Cooking, Social Skill Strategies, Human Anatomy & Biology, High School Physics, Forensic Science, Video Game Design, and Getting Started in Architecture.

Outschool empowers kids and teens to take charge of their education and build their own curriculum of interactive, one-of-a-kind classes. They can participate in a variety of enriching learning and socialization opportunities with teachers and students from all over the world. Each teacher has a bio page so you can learn about their background and credentials before signing up for a course.

Outschool uses the recommendations from Common Sense Media to inform decisions about age appropriateness of course content. Teachers undergo a background check and course content has to be approved, but be aware that classes are secular in nature and anything can happen in live classes. Some are taught by LGBTQ+ teachers.

Outschool course prices range from less than $10 per class to $100 for a 10-week Finishing School for Young Ladies. If you like to draw or paint, the community art gallery is free to join! Check out everything that’s available at Outschool.com.

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