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Ashley’s Column: My Crazy Wacky Life

by Ashley Cline   D.O.G When I was younger, I was terrified of dogs. Down right, deathly terrified, of dogs. Our neighbors have dogs, you see, and at night they would bark at their fence facing our house, all night long. Those dogs gave me nightmares, so I became terrified of them. Now that you […]

Ashley’s Column: My Crazy Wacky Life

My hilarious tales of my hilarious life! …by Ashley Cline   Bathroom Blues There’s a place in West Virginia called a holler. It’s the small, gulch like area, where everyone’s house is between two large mountains. A place where each house has a creek in the front yard and a mountain in the back. The […]

Living Gluten Free: The Guide to the Celiac Diseased

By Ashley I recently found that I most likely have Celiac Disease (allergies to gluten and wheat). I always hoped I wouldn’t be allergic to these things, but it turns out, I am. You don’t realize until you’re allergic to them, how few items have no gluten in them. It’s really hard to find foods […]

Being Wise in Wisdom Teeth Removal

By Ashley Cline When you go in to have your four, or maybe only one or two, of your wisdom teeth removed, you probably will be absolutely refusing to do it. Same here! After my recent experience of having mine out, I’ve decided to share my experience and advice. First of all, when you go […]

Talk to Ashley

NEW Column! Talk to Ashley Hello, my name is Ashley Cline! I’m in the tenth grade, and tenth year of homeschooling. This is my new column! This column is called Talk to Ashley, (that’s me!) kinda of a question or help column. If you have questions about life, school, life’s trials, friends, family, etc., please […]