Living Gluten Free: The Guide to the Celiac Diseased

By Ashley

I recently found that I most likely have Celiac Disease (allergies to gluten and wheat). I always hoped I wouldn’t be allergic to these things, but it turns out, I am. You don’t realize until you’re allergic to them, how few items have no gluten in them. It’s really hard to find foods that taste good and you can eat. So, I decided to make a list of some of the foods I review, so you can go through finding good foods, easily! Whether you’re like me, or are doing it to be healthier (which I wouldn’t do!), I hope this column helps!

Foods I’ve tried this month:






And More.


Hodgson Mill – Has strange seasoning, not my taste.

King Arthur Flour – Is kind of flavorless, but edible.

Gluten Free Pantry – Delicious! Thick and yummy, the best kind.


Betty Crocker – Kind of has an oatmeal texture, but is still good.


Hol-Grain Coating Mix – This stuff coats your fried chicken, and is good, yet stills a tad different.

Health is Wealth – Chicken Nuggets that taste like they have gluten! They’re delicious!


Sam Mills – Pasta d’ore – This stuff is the only spaghetti I’ve tried so far, so it’s the only one I can comment! The first time you try it, it can be quite strange tasting, but you get used to it.

Annie’s Pasta – This Mac & Cheese has a strange rice texture, and if you don’t have the right mixture of cheese, it can taste strange too. But, it’s definitely the best Mac & Cheese.


Bisquick – Yummy! Still not your regular Bisquick pancakes, but the best kind I’ve tried.

Muffins – King Arthur’s Flour makes some good blueberry muffins, but make sure you cook them long and good!

Snack Items

Glutino chocolate wafers – Real yummy, taste just like the real wafers!

Kinni Kritters Animal Cookies – These taste kind of like Annie’s Bunny Grahams, (healthy version of Teddy Grahams) and so are pretty good.

Back to Nature Crackers – White Cheddar crackers. These crackers have a really strong flavoring to them, which isn’t White Cheddar. You can really only eat a few before your taste buds go numb. They’re still nice to eat when you don’t have anything else to.

Gluten Free Pantry Bread – Really good! Fresh, it tastes like French bread, with gluten!

This is all I’ve tried so far, but I’ll keep eating! You’ll find that quite a few foods already are gluten free:



Plain ice cream (No cookies)






And more!

If you need help on your diet, or want tips, or want to add to my column with your own recipes and ideas, please leave a comment or email me at I’d love to have more gluten free friends! –Ashley

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