Six Things Students Can Do to Help Them Choose the Right Major

6 Things Students Can Do To Help Them Choose The Right MajorBy Anita Ginsburg

Going to college is an exciting and life-changing time in any young adult’s life. Learning to live on their own, manage their own time and money, and studying can be intimidating. And, just when they’ve learned to adjust to this new life, it’s time to make another big decision. Most universities require students to declare a major by the end of the sophomore year, or even upon acceptance. Many students may have given this a lot of thought. But, when it comes time to choose a college major, they may have second thoughts. We live in an exciting time where the abundance of job opportunities are more vast than ever.

Job Shadowing

Job shadowing is an excellent opportunity to see the career path of someone that had the same major a college student is considering. By spending a day or more simply observing, a lot can be learned. It also provides time to ask questions.


Many companies are allowing college students to intern for different lengths of time. Students actually get the opportunity to do the work they may someday be doing for pay. It also gives them a foot in the door at companies they are interested in working for in the future,


The first two years of college mainly consist of the basics. If possible, students can try to include a class with their interests. Not only would they receive credit, but they would also have a whole semester to learn more about their possible major. If students find they have an interest in leadership and teaching concepts, a master’s degree in education might be a good choice. If solving equations and creating projects is more of interest, an engineering degree could be a good fit. It’s important to use time wisely during the first few semesters to really find main interests.


Students with many interests who are having trouble narrowing down an ideal major, might find it helpful to interview adults working in those fields. Family, friends, and neighbors can be a great resource of information.

Job Opportunities

Many students are afraid of narrowing down their future job opportunities to just one field. One way for them to be certain they aren’t stuck in one particular job is to choose a college major that has many extensions. A business major, for example, can lead students in many different directions. Most bankers, hospital administrators, and successful restaurant owners all started with a business degree.

Job Security

When choosing a college major, one very important thing to consider is whether or not the need for the particular area of study has potential to grow. With so many advancements in today’s technology, students need to research their major and see how it has progressed over time.

While choosing a college major is an important step, students must be reminded that directions can be changed. With effort and a desire to learn, their choice will become more apparent.

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