Game Review: Invisible Inc.

Invisible Inc.

By Nick Maker

Invisible Inc. is one of the best stealth games so far. I got the Contingency plan DLC as well, so both are so worth the price. It feels like an XCOM 2 base game but obviously not the same because of the gameplay. You play as the agents from Invisible Inc. completing your objectives and rebuilding your lost HQ that somehow got compromised.

The cut scenes are the choice of art style I really like. I just wish they had more cut scenes instead of only two, and more like Mark of the Ninja that has several shorter cut scenes. I want to have a small connection to my agents and the head leader, maybe the villains. I want to hear their objective in these whole missions we were tasked on. Yes there is some brief history for each of the agents including the leader, but what I meant was having an interaction between my agents as they are doing their brief missions. (After they finish talking to the main objective.)

Each mission is important depending on the resource you need, and depending on the objective the level will be increasingly harder as you progress into complex buildings. You have an alarm meter that fills the alarm bar each turn, and each level of alarm will get the level harder. This adds more tension to the game and leaves you an adrenaline feeling when you’re trying to complete your objective and will say to yourself “oh shoot, I’ve got to get out of here, level 3 has activated too many guards.”

It leaves you the same excited feeling when XCOM did this, but Invisible Inc. nails it right out of the park for the creation of stress (in a good way) of either gambling to stay and get more loot or leave as soon as possible. Not to mention the soundtrack they have is suburb when guards spot you or when you’ve just got to get the hell out, each action counts. You can’t kill guards unless you have lethal weapons, but if you do kill them the alarm level will be increased by two so watch out if you do. It is all about stealth and it’s better to not stun them because that means you have to watch over the body so that he won’t wake up and start searching for you.

There’s your companion AI Incognita, she is a huge life savior at times through hacking, distractions, all kinds of cool gadgets. But each skill requires power which you need to hack into terminals in order to get more power for use of Incognita. Each agent has its special abilities and I feel frustrated that you can only carry two agents at the start. But later when you do rescue a hostage you can get additional agents, although the only negative thing about the hostage rescue mission is that you can’t get their “unique” gear that makes he/she special by using it. So you are stuck with a basic “normal” agent until you buy their gear back from shops that you can hack in buildings from your objective.

The game is short, roughly around 6 hours to complete. But the modes are what kept the 20 hours as of this review going, because it adds more challenge into the game and has good replay value. The ending is a brain scratch for me and it is obviously building up to a sequel or hopefully an expansion pack, which in my opinion I don’t “mind” much because I sort of want to expand the game more to have all new challenges to play.


Don’t let my mix expression toward the ending stop you from buying this game. This game is mostly for gameplay value and it is excellent. The story, yes, could use some more in-depth storytelling to really earn an upcoming sequel pack, but the extra modes to fill in the extra hours are still worth the price to buy. 8/10

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