Month: February 2012

Stepping Stones

A Monthly Devotional, by Michaela Popielski. Hi everyone. I hope you guys had an awesome holiday season. Over the holidays I went with my youth group to IHOP in Kansas City Missouri and it was amazing. The topic was ‘Jesus our magnificent obsession’. I was mulling over some ideas for a topic for the devotion […]

Tim Tebow

If you’re a sports fan – and even if you’re not! – you’ve probably heard of football quarterback Tim Tebow. He is one of the biggest names in football these days. “Tebowmania” swept the country after Tebow led the Denver Broncos on five fourth-quarter comebacks and four overtime victories in this season’s NFL playoffs. Tebow’s game-winning […]

Pensacola Christian College

Pensacola Christian College (PCC) is a private unaccredited fundamentalist Independent Baptist college founded in 1974 by Dr. Arlin and Rebekah Horton. The Hortons moved to Pensacola, Florida in 1952 to found a Christian grade school. That school, Pensacola Christian School, opened in 1954. In 1974, the Hortons opened Pensacola Christian College to further their vision […]

Career-of-the-Month: Psychologist & Psychiatrist

Psychiatrists are medical doctors; psychologists are not. The suffix “-iatry” means “medical treatment,” and “-logy” means “science” or “theory.” So psychiatry is the medical treatment of the psyche, while psychology is the science of the psyche. (Psyche is an ancient Greek term for the totality of the human mind, both conscious and unconscious.) Psychologists are […]

Prepping Teens for Safe Driving

There are several things you’ll need to do to help your teens prepare for the tough road that lies ahead when they take on the responsibilities of driving.  While you might want to hide your head under the covers until they exit their teenage years and magically turn into adults (you wish!), the truth is […]

Your Fashion Signature

Your Fashion Signature…  And When You Should Sign By MaryssaJoy “When will my reflection show who I am inside?”                                                                                                  Style vs. Fashion Fashion fades but style is timeless. Jackie Kennedy set fashions with her style. Although those trends are out of fashion they are still stylish. What is style? “The truly stylish man knows, […]

Dreams are Essential for Helping Youth Get Through Puberty

By Ronald E. Johnson, C.Ph.D. For many years, I have practiced the habit of challenging teenagers with the question, “What is your big dream?” Most teenagers momentarily look a bit startled, then respond with a definite statement. Others will be perplexed and answer, “I am not sure; I really do not know.”  For those youth, […]

The Sports Report

The 2011-2012 NFL Playoffs In the NFL (National Football League) there are two conferences, eight divisions, with four teams in each division. Each year the teams with the best win-lost-tied record for the season those teams make it to the Playoffs. There is also a wild card. Which is when two wild card qualifiers from […]

The Mother-Daughter Book Club, by Heather Vogel Frederick

Bookshelf of a (Maybe) Teen Author, by Emily Russell Drama is required reading. When four women in the same yoga class put their heads together, the result is a group of four girls who would rather be anywhere but discussing Little Women with each other and their mothers. Throw in a typical exclusive clique, a […]

Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu

Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu is a companion series to the anime series Full Metal Panic! Recall how I said that FMP! was funny because Sousuke was so totally socially inept, and found a terrorist threat in everything? Fumoffu turns that up to 11. Whether it’s blowing up a suspicious love letter in a shoe locker, […]

Review of Track Mania 2 Canyons

A Game Review by Andrew Track Mania 2 Canyons is the 10th installment in one of the few PC racing titles. As with previous games in the series it focuses on precise vehicular handling and death defying stunts, instead of the spectacular crashes and extreme realism that seem to be the norm with other modern […]

Know Brainz

By Devin and Savannah Hicks P.S. from Devin ~ We have a cartooning blog now! It is mainly so my sister and I can post a cartoon once a week in our blog that are probably not as good as the ones we send to the magazine. Here is the link:

Readers Write

An Aspect of Conflict It was a dark and stormy night when she fled to the wood, Her golden hair covered by a long dark hood. Under cover of night, she ran, she fled, To get away from that scene, still stuck in her head. In the morning she was missed, still needed at home; […]


  What is living your life for Christ really about? This is a question that frequently comes to mind for me. An inquiry that I know most likely have more than one answer. But after asking for counsel from God and a few of my spiritual leaders I found out that living a Christ led […]