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Pensacola Christian College (PCC) is a private unaccredited fundamentalist Independent Baptist college founded in 1974 by Dr. Arlin and Rebekah Horton. The Hortons moved to Pensacola, Florida in 1952 to found a Christian grade school. That school, Pensacola Christian School, opened in 1954. In 1974, the Hortons opened Pensacola Christian College to further their vision of “Education from a Christian Perspective.” Pensacola Theological Seminary, an extension of PCC’s graduate school, was founded in 1998.

The mission of PCC is to provide a distinctively traditional Christian liberal arts education that develops students intellectually, spiritually, morally, culturally, and socially. Their in-house publisher, A Beka Book (named after “Beka” Horton), provides a K-12 curriculum that is used by many Christian schools and homeschooling families. It has become one of the largest Christian textbook publishers in the world.

PCC is also the home of A Beka Academy, an accredited virtual distance-learning program for kindergarten through grade 12. This comprehensive, academically-challenging, college preparatory education features high quality video instruction and uses Christian character building textbooks from A Beka Book.

PCC is full of opportunities for young people desiring a conservative Christian college education. The school’s 4,000+ undergraduate students represent all 50 states and over 60 nations. Many homeschool students choose PCC – in fact, over 1,000 homeschoolers attended PCC this year! That’s because PCC offers the friendly atmosphere of a smaller college and the academic opportunities of a large college. There are no extra admissions requirements for homeschoolers.

Consider some of the many reasons for choosing PCC:

Spiritual emphasis – Regardless of your major, you can prepare for a life of service to God in an atmosphere that encourages spiritual growth. As a Bible-believing Christian college, PCC desires to keep Jesus Christ preeminent in every class and activity.

Academic excellence – PCC offers quality education in a variety of fields. Whether it’s Bible, business, commercial art, education, engineering, missions, nursing, pre-law, pre-medicine, youth ministries, or any other major, students receive an excellent education from qualified faculty. PCC faculty are dedicated to the academic and spiritual success of their students.

Friendly spirit – PCC is known for having a friendly spirit. All around campus, you can find someone with whom to enjoy a meal, study for class, or share an activity. Many times, roommates become some of your closest friends and help you feel at home. PCC faculty are also friendly, approachable, and care about their students.

Exciting activities – Collegian outings, class parties, dramatic productions, choral and instrumental concerts, intercollegiate or intramural sports competitions, and a variety of recreational activities provide opportunities to get involved and develop lifelong friendships.

Affordability – In addition to low tuition, room and board (~$7,996 per year), home schoolers who used the A Beka Academy Video Program in grades 9-12 can receive credit toward PCC for every tuition dollar spent by way of the A Beka Academy Tuition Scholarship. Additional financial assistance is available through on-campus work assistance jobs.

One of the best ways for you to find out if PCC is right for you is to visit the campus. Prospective students can get an up-close look at college life by staying in the residence halls, taking a personalized campus tour, and visiting classes. When you arrive, friendly campus hosts are available to give tours and answer questions; students welcome you to the residence halls, chapel, meals, and Sports Center; and faculty invite you to classes so that you can enjoy the full PCC experience. High school students may attend College Days which will be held on March 29-30, 2012, and April 12-13, 2012. If you’re unable to attend College Days, you are welcome to visit PCC anytime! See for more information.

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  1. Kudos to Dr. Arlin and Rebekah Horton on their Christ-centered work.

    I went to a private Christian school and know the value of a solid Christ-centered elementary through high-school foundation. This foundation and this type of foundation has helped many people, including myself to find success in our daily lives.

    If you have any doubts of the value of a Christian education for your children, simply consider this: As a child is raised so shall he go.

    A solid foundation in successful Christian living helps the child to grow up knowing that God loves him/her and will always be there to help as only our Father in Heaven can help.

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