Stepping Stones

A Monthly Devotional, by Michaela Popielski.

Hi everyone. I hope you guys had an awesome holiday season. Over the holidays I went with my youth group to IHOP in Kansas City Missouri and it was amazing. The topic was ‘Jesus our magnificent obsession’. I was mulling over some ideas for a topic for the devotion this month and one thing that stood out was when a speaker at IHOP was telling about how she was told to tithe 10% of her time to God. Well that story has stayed with me and I think that’s what this month’s devotional will be about. I’m writing this last minute because my computer cord and battery decided to die. So if this seems a bit more scattered than usual I’m sorry. I’ve been busy and with only two computers in the house working and five people its been kinda hard. With my cord not working I had to dig in my Bible more than usual to get this devotional the verses it needed. Whenever I feel like I’m missing something I go to Google and see if I can find any missing verses that I haven’t found. Well this month was all Bible and even though it was a bit of a challenge, I felt like my heart was for this more than ever. So I hope that you won’t hold the fact that I use Google sometimes against me. Any way back to subject.

The speaker at IHOP was saying that when she tithed her time to God she figured out that she would need to spend 2 1/2 hours to God. She tried it and after a bit she wanted more and so she was increasing her time and she began to need it. I figured I would try it but I started out with half an hour since my attention span needs to grow on some subjects and this was one of them. Reading the Bible seemed like a chore at first, but after about a week I felt like I needed it. And I mean needed it like I couldn’t sleep right if I didn’t do my time with God. So I figured for those of you who weren’t doing that already could try it. Some friends of mine went the full 2 1/2 hours the first day. That was one thing that stayed on my heart from this whole experience. So I hope you guys enjoy the verses and they are a bit longer but no pressure. Also as you may have noticed I haven’t mentioned Valentines day til now. Well, I felt like that the subject of tithing time to God was more important. Though I’m not against dating. When it comes to that subject I think that should be between you and God. I don’t date but that’s a decision that I’ve made. Though my parents have partly influenced me, I did make the decision not to date until the time is right. So until next time I hope you enjoy the verses. Also, (yes, I use this word a lot) if any of you guys want to give me ideas for a devotion topic or if you think in anyway I could make this devotional better, please email me. I would love your input since you guys are reading this. My email is Thanks!


Feb. 1. Phil. 2:1-18; 1 Tim. 6:11; Gen. 1-2

Feb. 2. Gen. 3-4; John 17:20-26

Feb.3. 1Sam. 20; Gen.5-6

Feb.4.1 John 3:11-24; Gen.7; Rev. 1

Feb.5. 1 Cor. 13:1-13; 1 Peter 1; Gen. 8

Feb.6. Ps.31; Rev. 2; Ruth 1

Feb.7. Gen. 9. 1; Kings 11:1-13;  Ruth 2

Feb.8. Rev.3; 2 Kings 4:8-37

Feb.9. Hosea 1-3; John 11:1-44; 1 Sam. 25

Feb.10. Gen. 10-11; 1 Sam.1

Feb.11. Ruth 3; Rev. 4.

Feb.12. Gen.12; 2 Chron. 34

Feb.13. Rev.5; 2 Chron. 35; Ex. 18

Feb.14. Ruth 4; Gen. 13; Job 1:20-22

Feb.15. Rev. 6; Ps.138:8; Deut. 8:10-18

Feb.16. 2 Chron. 30:9; Dan.3:13-30; Acts7:59-60

Feb.17. Gen.14; Ps. 42;  Ps. 61

Feb.18. Ps. 21; Rev.7; Isa. 1

Feb.19. Ps.6; Gen. 15; Job 2:7-10

Feb.20. Jer.7:22-23; Judg. 3:12-30; Rev.8

Feb.21. Rom.13:1-7; Isa. 2

Feb.22. Rev. 8; Ps. 68

Feb.23. Ps. 98; Ps. 40.

Feb.24. Num.22; Ps.84

Feb.25. 1Kings 18-19.

Feb.26. Gen.16; Rev. 9

Feb.27. Isa.2-3

Feb.28. Heb.11:1-40; Ps. 22

Feb.29. Rev.10; Hosea 14:9

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