Your Fashion Signature

Your Fashion Signature…  And When You Should Sign

By MaryssaJoy

“When will my reflection show who I am inside?”                                                                                                 

Style vs. Fashion

Fashion fades but style is timeless. Jackie Kennedy set fashions with her style. Although those trends are out of fashion they are still stylish.

What is style?

“The truly stylish man knows, understands, and respects the rules, yet knowingly defies and breaks them, bends them and interprets them as he pleases.” (Effortless Gent)

I love this quote. I believe one needs to get to a place of understanding about what looks good and the first step is to dress in a normal way and good way. I think a mistake often made is when someone is still in unflattering jeans and clunky shoes but have a new cutting edge trendy top on. Perhaps this top would look great in the future when you have the right basics to go with it. On the TV show “What Not To Wear” Stacey and Clinton are always sure to first give the client a great basic wardrobe and then to get some statement pieces. This is even true with teen clothing. Check out my future articles on how to dress your body type; this will include jeans, shoes, shirts, jackets and even purses.

Key Points

1. Get your standards to a higher level.

2. Don’t get ahead of yourself. Start with a basic wardrobe (“The Wardrobe Basics” article coming soon).

3. After 1 and 2 are accomplished start adding a few signature pieces.

I’m over this “turning point” now and something I did recently was black flowered tights under holed jeans and that is crazy for me but it is also signature. Some feathers fell off my Rue 21 head band on the first day I wore it (a trend I’m starting to see in their accessories) and I made the two different feathers into earrings and I wore them with the headband and got a zillion compliments! So I just wanted to let you know what signature is. It’s yours.

I know not everyone is going to particularly like my signature and some may not like yours but… OH WELL! Your great choice in the wardrobe basics already shows you have style so feel free to write your signature here and there. I am under the belief that beauty isn’t just received but can be achieved! Make sure your outfit is worthy of signing off on and representative of you by your modesty (future article) and your style.

You have several options with this Wet Seal outfit. You could wear a basic undershirt and shoes with a statement accessory, or you can make the undershirt or shoes your statement. Combining two statements can be done with this outfit. But, remember, the belt is a little bit of a statement.

Now you know the difference between style and fashion. Now you have an idea of how to sign your signature and when you should sign it and what to sign it on. This truth can also be paralleled in our actions. Look at what you do and how you dress and what you watch. Would you want those things to be attached to your good name? Would you put “Carrie watched this” on some of the movies you watch and give it to your Grandparents? It’s worse than that: God is watching. Lol just my tuppence worth. =D


If you have any questions or comments please send them and your first name to with the words “style blog” contained in the title so I’ll know to read it. I may use these in the blog sometime so write me!

Next Time: The Wardrobe Basics: Your Foundation For Creativity

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