The World Around Us


The World Around Us, by Evangeline

WHAT comes to your mind when current events are mentioned? Seemingly endless reporting assignments? Or maybe you’re thinking about the stack of social studies papers that has to be completed?

Let me tell you a secret about me. I abhor current events assignments. I think they are a waste of time. But, I love current events minus the assignments. That might sound peculiar, but then, I’m a unique Malaysian girl from a unique family of 4 girls. Although in Malaysia the official language is Bahasa Malaysia (Malay), English national newspapers are widely read. I love reading newspapers whether they are in print or online-based. It’s fun going through the latest scoops and then talking about them with my friends who will go, “Huh?”.

Like when I talked about August being a month of happenings. Wildfires in Russia. Election violence in Solomon Islands. Flooding in Pakistan and China. Mine accidents in Chile and China. Inaugural Youth Olympics Games in Singapore. Election in Australia. And many, many more.

By now most would have realized that this column’s topic is current events. I will be writing on a piece of news every month. It can be on anything, for example: national & international news, entertainment, sports, etc. I am open to any suggestions on what Homeschooling Teen Magazine’s readers would want to see here in the future. Please email me at writer.chicka(at)gmail(dot)com.

Evangeline is a homeschooler from Malaysia. Other than poring over newspapers, her interests are reading, writing, editing on Wikipedia, music, and the latest TV shows.

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