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The Royal Wedding

I changed my opinions about the Royal Wedding after watching it. I am not a person who changes opinions easily as I can be pretty stubborn about what I think. Before watching the Royal Wedding, I thought that it was overrated. Now I think that it was overrated, but worthwhile watching. The run-up fuss over […]

Royal Buzz

Many Britons had been anticipating this and their expectations were finally met when the royal engagement of Prince William of Wales and his longtime girlfriend Kate Middleton was announced. Their wedding will be held in Westminster Abbey in April next year and is to be the biggest royal wedding after Prince William’s parents wedding in […]

Modesty: Part 5 of 5

We’ve seen that modesty is an expression of purity, consideration, and wisdom in a world created by God but fallen into sin, where the good gift of romantic attraction can go out of control and become sin that damages lives. We’ve looked at some principles and specifics that should affect our choice of clothing styles. […]