The Royal Wedding

I changed my opinions about the Royal Wedding after watching it. I am not a person who changes opinions easily as I can be pretty stubborn about what I think. Before watching the Royal Wedding, I thought that it was overrated. Now I think that it was overrated, but worthwhile watching.

The run-up fuss over the Royal Wedding was a royal nightmare for many newsreaders. There were articles after articles about the Royal Wedding. Writers speculated about the wedding dress, the wedding guest list, and many other details about the wedding. On the day of the wedding, it dominated front-page news headlines.

As an avid online newsreader, it gave me a headache to have to scroll past articles about the Royal Wedding. Okay, that was an exaggeration but I found it annoying at the amount of attention focused on the Royal Wedding when there were many other urgent matters that could be reported on like for example, the conflict in the Middle East. If the Royal Wedding’s purpose was to divert attention away from the gloom of bad economy and political situations, it certainly worked.

I had to find out why the press was so obsessed over the Royal Wedding. I watched it.

After spending five hours watching the live coverage of the event, I finally began to understand why fanatics of the wedding couldn’t stop talking about it. It was a fairytale wedding. The wedding was traditional, the music was fantastic, the bride was beautiful, the wedding dress was gorgeous, carriages were used as a mode of transportation, and finally, royalty not only from England but from many Commonwealth nations were present as well. Of course, weird looking hats worn by the ladies doesn’t count!

If there were a vote for the Wedding of the Year, no doubt the Royal Wedding would have won. It was, in every sense, perfect right from the start. I tweeted approximately over a 100 tweets while watching the Royal Wedding and I don’t have any regrets watching it because it is a once in a lifetime experience. When His Royal Highness Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Her Royal Highness Princess Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge becomes king and queen one day and my grandchildren asks me if I had watched their wedding, I would proud to tell them “yes”.

However, now that the Royal Wedding is over, the voracious British press is fascinated with the married life of the newlyweds. Even though I enjoyed watching the Royal Wedding, reading articles about the married life of Prince William and Princess Catherine is not something I would do. There needs to be a boundary between being interested in royal affairs and being a busybody. I have never Google-d to read more about the couple for leisure purposes and don’t plan to have that changed anytime soon.

My conclusion about the Royal Wedding is that it was an interesting and captivating event, I’m glad I watched it, but life goes on as usual.

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