SUN MOON Coming to Pure Flix on May 5 (Review + Giveaway!)

The AFFIRM Originals movie SUN MOON will debut exclusively on Pure Flix on May 5, 2023!

After being left at the altar, a young woman named Kelsey (played by MacKenzie Mauzy) is on a quest for hope and healing. She is running from failure, heartbreak, and humiliation. Kelsey isn’t sure where to turn – and she’s angry that the plan she thought God had for her life has quickly fallen apart. In an attempt to get away and search for a new purpose, she jumps at the chance to teach English overseas at Taiwan Adventist Academy. Will her leap of faith pay off? Will she ever find happiness and love again?

Cast List

  • MacKenzie Mauzy = Kelsey (INTO THE WOODS, NCIS: New Orleans)
  • Justin Chien = Horace (Two Sides: Unfaithful)
  • Madison McLaughlin = Liz (Arrow, Chicago P.D.)
  • Michael Jong-Quin Huang = Principal (The Haunted Heart)
  • Leanne Morgan = Maida (I’m Every Woman, Dry Bar Comedy, Thou Shalt Laugh 3)


  • Struggling with disappointment
  • Moving forward after loss or unplanned events
  • Friendship
  • Learning new cultures
  • Loving all of God’s people
  • God uses everything for good
  • Finding confidence
  • Overcoming challenges
  • Getting out of your comfort zone
  • Taking a leap of faith


SUN MOON is a sweet and beautiful film that will capture your heart while immersing you in Taiwanese culture and making you crave boba tea.

And when I say immersive, I really mean it. You will witness some of the culture shocks that Kelsey experiences as if you were there. The Taiwanese characters speak a Mandarin Chinese dialect for which they don’t provide subtitles so you will be just as clueless as she is.

Kelsey’s first several days of new people and new experiences overwhelm her, but her pride won’t allow her to admit defeat. Encountering a few difficult students, Kelsey learns that some are defiant to her teaching methods. The principal encourages her to learn from Horace, another young teacher who is liked by the students. She then tries a different approach after asking Horace’s advice about how to connect with them.

In an effort to assimilate – and so she can get around town without having to walk everywhere – Kelsey asks Horace to teach her to ride a Vespa. That’s when their friendship starts to form. He helps her to learn his language and she teaches Horace English in return.

SUN MOON was written and directed by Sydney Tooley, who says the movie was inspired by her own life. Tooley also traveled to Taiwan to teach English after a difficult time in her life, and she used her experiences there to write the script. No wonder it all seems so realistic!

Speaking of which, I was surprised at how large the Taiwan Adventist Academy is! It’s a boarding school in an old red brick building with a daily chapel requirement for the students and live-in apartments for the teachers on campus. It’s cool that they hire Americans to teach English. A great opportunity if you’re interested!

While most of the movie takes place inside the classroom, you will also get to go on a tour of the area. Taiwan Adventist Academy is located near beautiful Sun Moon Lake. As Kelsey’s adventures and explorations of the country continue, her students gradually warm up to her. The children have brought joy and purpose to her life despite their cultural differences, but sadly she knows her time there is expiring.

The school throws a big Christmas party at the end of the semester. The students put on a play based on the Biblical story of Ruth, which was fitting. (In Ruth 1:16-17, Ruth tells her mother-in-law, “Where you go I will go, and where you stay I will stay.”)

The students also have a Christmas talent show, and surprisingly one of the boys does some provocative American pop star style dancing. The kids giggle but the principal steps in and makes him stop. (This was the only inappropriate part in the whole movie.)

Funny thing is, the whole reason Kelsey goes to Taiwan in the first place is because of an American missionary from Taiwan who comes to speak at her church, and he’s the one who offers her the teaching job. I thought he would greet her once she got over there, but we never see him again.

Kelsey is forced to be entirely on her own in a foreign land, and things don’t go too well at first. But as she attempts to fit into the school community, Kelsey begins to feel less alone and embraces the beauty of her new country.

Kelsey’s journey not only takes her to another world and gives her a new perspective, but helps her to gain confidence and discover her true self. SUN MOON is a touching reminder that God works through all the circumstances in our life for good no matter how bad things look at the moment.

SUN MOON is a wholesome, uplifting, faith-based, family-friendly romantic comedy that I would definitely recommend and watch again!

Watch SUN MOON exclusively on Pure Flix starting May 5th!



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Many thanks to Pure Flix for providing a sample of the product for this review. Opinions are 100% my own. #SunMoonMIN #MomentumInfluencerNetwork

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