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The Razor’s Edge, by Madeleine Richey What is a GED? GED stands for General Educational Development, a series of tests which after successful completion, will earn you a certificate that states you have the equivalent of a high school education. I never had to take the GED, because I was homeschooled through Kolbe Academy, which […]

Top 4 Ways to Memorize Information for Good

By Katheryn Memorizing facts is not the most important thing to do before a test or quiz. It’s much more important to understand the general concepts and make sure you can explain them. However, there are some things that just plain need to be memorized, like dates, equations, or the periodic table. In order to […]

Preparing for College Tests

By Randi St. Denis “You can’t prepare for the SAT.”  Educational Testing Service, the company that writes the SAT, has worked hard to convince people that they cannot improve their scores by studying for the test. But half a million students disagree and say that you can substantially improve your scores on college tests by […]