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Five Things Every Engineering Student Needs And Why

By Madyson Ready to blaze a trail to a whole new world? Engineering students are the future, and yet many freshmen and even experienced STEM majors fail to realize that the right equipment can be the difference between a pass or a fail. Here are a five critical tools you should have in your bag […]

Tips on How to Sail Through and Survive College Life

By Kyle Albert Image courtesy of  “Anwaar” College can be an overwhelming experience, especially if you were homeschooled for years. Leaving the comforts of your own home for a new one feels like entering a whole new world. There will be challenges and bumps ahead, but there are gadgets, mobile applications, and simple tips to […]

Reasons to Consider an Information Technology Career

Author: Christopher Altieri Companies have been using computers to improve how they do business for many years. Initially, information systems were applied to simple tasks like transactional processing, employee management, and inventory tracking. Over time, businesses began to seek solutions for other aspects of industry including manufacturing and distribution. Large technology firms were happy to […]