Brainly Study: Science is Students’ Favorite STEM Subject

By Natasha

With talk of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) on the rise, Brainly wanted to know which STEM Subject was the most popular among students in the United States. The results are in – students love science! 35% of students surveyed say Science is their favorite STEM Subject.

Now, how do we continue to encourage America’s love of science amongst our youth? And, maybe more importantly, how do we make math, as well as technology and engineering, more exciting?

According to Brainly’s Parenting Expert Patrick Quinn, “In order to engage kids of all ages in STEM Subjects, we need to meet them where they are. Show them how the things they love to do every day can be tied back to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.”

Brainly’s Tips for Showing Kids How STEM Translates Into Their Daily Lives:

>> Sports

If you have a teen who loves playing and watching sports, show them how engineering and trigonometry can be used to determine the best angles to make a touchdown, complete a pass and score that basket or goal.

>> Video Games

Can’t get your kids off Roblox, Minecraft or their Nintendo Switch? Encourage them to learn how technology and math can help them create the next big video game.

>> Community Connection

Throughout the pandemic, we’ve utilized technology to stay connected. Whether we are working with our peers to get help with our latest science project, attending a virtual class, dialing in to a meeting or catching up with friends and family, we have been able to get the help and connection we need through our screens. Use this technology to inspire our youth to delve into new STEM subjects or code the next big platform to keep us all connected!

>> Music

Does your child dance to the latest tunes on the radio or play their own concerto on an instrument? Look into the physics of sound and music!

>> Fashion

Have a budding fashionista on your hands? Math is used all the time to create shoes and clothes, not to mention the science behind sourcing sustainable fabrics and materials.

>> Cooking

Who knew food science was a thing? Whether you want to mix the best ingredients to bake a cake, come up with the perfect savory dish or just want to know how to break down the calorie count of a food item, chemistry is involved.

>> Online Learning Apps

When students need homework help, they can turn to online learning apps, like Brainly, where you can use Math Solver to crack the hardest math equations and more. Now, encourage your students to learn how they can use technology to create their own helpful apps.

Those are just a few examples of how we can encourage our nation’s youth to learn how we use Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics every single day.

What is your favorite STEM subject? Leave a comment!

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