How Artificial Intelligence Could Change Homeschooling for Teenagers

By Lewis

Determining how to educate a child is an important decision for the parents. Every child’s needs are different, and there are many diverse approaches to education. The best education is one that is personalized to suit the student’s unique strengths and needs, which can change as the child transitions into the teenage years. For many parents, this means choosing to homeschool their teenagers. Homeschooling has many advantages, but it also has its challenges. Here are some of the ways artificial intelligence could transform the homeschooling experience.

Help Parents Balance Parenting and Teaching

As teenagers grow up and learn to be more independent, they spend less time with their parents. In addition, not every homeschooling parent has the privilege of staying at home full-time. Finding time to spend with teenage children is not always easy, nor is navigating the new parenting challenges that come with having kids who want to explore their newfound independence. Add homeschooling to the mix, and parents may become overwhelmed.

Fortunately, advances in technology like wafer scale integration are rapidly expanding the use of artificial intelligence, which may provide much-needed relief to busy homeschooling parents. With the use of artificial intelligence programs, parents can spend less time planning a homeschool curriculum and more time parenting their teenagers.

Provide Practice and Feedback

Imagine having a tutor who is always available, knows all the answers, and will never get frustrated or impatient. Artificial intelligence can be a powerful studying tool for teenagers. There are already numerous artificial intelligence tools available to help students study various subjects, and these tools are likely to become more varied and sophisticated as the field advances.

A significant benefit to studying with artificial intelligence is that students can take as much or as little time as they need on a particular subject. They can receive immediate feedback and repeat exercises as needed until they are comfortable with the skill, or they can skip over material that they have already mastered. The student determines the pace, and the artificial intelligence tutor will never get annoyed at being asked to repeat itself!

Work With Teens’ Strengths and Weaknesses

Teenagers’ learning styles are as unique and varied as the teens themselves. Often, parents choose to homeschool in order to provide a specialized education that is tailored to the teenager’s needs. For this reason, homeschooling parents might balk at the notion of trusting their child’s education to a computer. However, as artificial intelligence advances, it could be just what parents need to provide the personalized experience they’re looking for.

Every individual learns at a different pace. Many of the products currently available already have some way to evaluate the user’s current skill level and adjust the difficulty accordingly. In the future, advances in artificial intelligence could make these programs even more capable of adapting to a variety of skill levels and learning styles.

Expand Horizons for Parents and Teens

Computers have drastically changed the way people learn. Knowledge about every subject under the sun is more accessible now than ever before. However, access to the information is not always enough, and it can be hard to find tutors for more specialized subjects. In the future, artificial intelligence could provide opportunities for homeschool students to learn new subjects and skills that their parents can’t teach them.

Utilize Teenagers’ Tech Skills

With every new generation, young people become more comfortable and skilled with technology. While not everyone considers this a positive trend, it is unlikely to change in the near future, so it is best to embrace it. Teenagers’ proficiency with technology makes artificial intelligence a natural choice for them. As more products become available, it is likely that homeschooled teens will take to the new technology quickly and embrace the possibilities it provides.

The growing field of artificial intelligence holds many exciting possibilities for the future of education. As the technology becomes more widespread, it is likely to become more accessible to homeschooling families, which has the potential to completely reinvent education for homeschooled teenagers.

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