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The Sports Report

By Caela NBA Semi-Finals The four teams in the semi-finals are the Oklahoma City Thunder, San Antonio Spurs, Boston Celtics, and the Miami Heat. Here is how the Thunder got to the Semis: in the first round they beat the Dallas Mavericks 4-0 and in the second round they beat the Los Angeles Lakers 4-1. […]

The Sports Report

  NEW Column! The Sports Report, by Caela Fox. ——————————   The NBA Lockout This is the second lockout in NBA history. This lockout has been going on for about four months. So far the NBA will be suspended for two weeks. They have cancelled 100 games already. This lockout is all about the revenue. […]

Career-of-the-Month: Race Car Driver

There are over 1,000 motor racing venues throughout the United States, ranging from rural dirt tracks to modern speedways. The three main types are: stock car (NASCAR), open wheel (Indy Racing League), and drag racing (National Hot Rod Association). Part-time drivers may race for prize money, known as a “purse.” Professional drivers usually have a […]