The Great Bible Race

Designed for both the Bible expert and novice, The Great Bible Race makes the world’s holiest book an interactive experience. This extraordinary Bible study tool features the world’s largest and most complete collection of Bible knowledge questions — more than 18,000! The game is a unique and engaging approach to Bible stories, people, events, and teachings. The Great Bible Race will also bring the entire family together for hours of excitement, friendly competition, and spirited Bible activity.

For Bible trivia lovers this is the ultimate package of three engaging games in one: Race Mode, Bible Study, and Quiz Challenge. In Race Mode, you play alone or race against up to five opponents in a fast-paced game of quick fingers and sharp wits. With a ticking countdown clock and opponents eager to leave you in the dust, this game will get your adrenalin going. In Bible Study mode, you get to select from more than 200 topics and sub-topics. Choose to answer questions from a specific book in the Bible, or about a particular event, place or person. The game grades you and generates a report card so you know just how well you are doing. In the Quiz Challenge you climb the game’s increasingly difficult 20 levels. This game is no picnic and the questions get harder the higher you climb. To win, you must get from Level 1 to Level 20 without making too many mistakes.

The Great Bible Race is a unique and invaluable educational tool that offers the homeschooler an exciting new way to explore and learn the world’s most read book. Utilizing the engaging features of video gaming that have captivated both young and old, This resource brings the Bible to life in a way never before experienced.

  • Learn the entire Bible – from Genesis to Revelation.
  • Test your knowledge on specific books, people, places, parables, miracles and events.
  • Challenge family members, friends or fellow homeschoolers.
  • See the Bible like never before with spellbinding graphics and the world’s largest collection of 3D biblical images.
  • Enjoy a fully interactive audio/digital KJV Bible.

To learn more about the homeschool program, click here.

The Great Bible Race is changing the way people learn and interact with the Bible. If you own a Bible, you will want this game! Retailers generally price the game anywhere from $39 to $59. wholesales the game to churches and homeschool associations at $19.99 without any minimum order requirements. Numerous Christian denominations and pastors have endorsed the game, which is also an excellent fundraising tool allowing Christian organizations to generate needed capital while providing members with a powerful addition to their religious knowledge library.

The Great Bible Race is the brainchild of Pulitzer Prize winner Melvin Claxton, a former investigative reporter and Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist who founded Epic 4D. Epic 4D is a Michigan-based animation and video game company that develops high-quality, educational video games using state-of-the-art technology and innovative animation techniques. The program is produced by Premier 3D Animation, a groundbreaking company that creates world-class animations and renderings for television and online commercials, websites, multimedia presentations, video games, e-learning, TV shows, and feature-length films.

Want To Be A Guinness Record Holder?

Register now as the Great Bible Race and church partners attempt to break the World Record for largest online quiz! Sign up for free, win prizes, and have a chance to get your name in the Guinness Book of World Records, while competing against Bible trivia enthusiasts around the world.

DATE & TIME: Friday, July 31, 2015.

LOCATION: Anywhere in the United States and the world with Internet service. Participants will be able to log on using their computers, smart phones, or wireless tablets.

THE QUIZ: This will be a 45-question, multiple-choice Bible trivia quiz. The individual with the most correct answers in the shortest time will be the winner, and get their name in the Guinness Book of World Records. All individuals who complete the quiz, regardless of their score, will be entered in the Great Bible Race world record sweepstakes.

Register here:

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