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Be Thankful

Country Girls Knowledge, by Katie Be Thankful For those without a reason to be thankful. Be thankful for the people who fight for your country. Be thankful to the workers to keep the country running. Be thankful for the children who see the light in the darkness. Be thankful for your ancestors who fought for […]

Count Your Many Blessings

Life is What You Make of It, by Serenity   Count Your Many Blessings Give thanks to the Lord, count your many blessings. Give thanks for the Father who waits up in heaven. Give thanks during good times, and during bad. Give thank for your family and the good times you’ve had. Give thanks for love and […]

God Doesn’t Make Mistakes

NEW COLUMN! Poems to Ponder, by Hannah Barber   God Doesn’t Make Mistakes Look into the mirror and smile, At the face looking back at you. You are just as beautiful, As the girls you look up to. God doesn’t make mistakes, Every face, He made himself. God sees your beauty, Even when you can’t […]

Poem: Colors of the King

Colors of the King Blue for the sky on a star filled night, Green for the grass underneath my feet, Yellow for the sun that never loses its warmth, Clear for the tears that He cried, Brown for the cross He was hung upon, And red for the blood that He shed, Red for the […]

Poems to Ponder

Unique We’re all Weird Because.. We’re all Unique Lets be Different Lets be Freaks Lets be Strange We’re all Weird Because.. We’re all Unique Lets be Emo Lets be Goth Lets be Scenic We’re all Weird Because.. We’re all Unique Lets be Girls Lets be Boys Lets be Us Because We’re all different We’re Weird […]

Sparkle Diamonds, Sparkle

(A poem from our January 2009 issue) Sparkle diamonds, sparkle, As you lay about the light. Shine in the moon and stars As they rise above at night. Then when the sun begins to yawn, And the moon fades away, May you twinkle once again All throughout the day. Sparkle diamonds, sparkle, As you reign […]

A Poem by Gilgal

What’s Wrong? By Gilgal Queen Soldiers. Alone, in a faraway land Away from the ones that they love. Fighting and dying, Their loved ones home crying Hoping that one day they’re back. Freedom. To chose despite regulations Cast off by so many throngs In a public school now You can’t even pray You’ve just got […]