Dear Maya Angelou

By Hannah Barber


You inspired me to write,
To let my words be known.
For you I let the caged bird sing,
I let my words – like seeds – be sown.

You crafted your words,
Weaved them together.
Your poetry touched my soul
Like no other.

From you I learned
I will always rise.
Your words brought
Smiles to my lips and tears to my eyes.

You were a phenomenal woman,
And I want to thank you
For inspiring me to write,
And for your words – always ringing true.


About the Author: “My name is Hannah Barber and I am fifteen years old. I am currently in my first year of homeschooling, before this year I attended public school. I would like to have a poetry column that focuses on issues in our society today, whether it be society’s view of beauty versus true beauty, or about promoting your self worth. Everyone is worth just as much as every one else, and in our society I believe that teens don’t feel as though they mean enough. I want to inspire teens to feel better about themselves and to follow their dreams.”  

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