The Ericksons: Jewels by Julia… and Warfare by Duct Tape

Julia, Mark, and Steven Erickson are three homeschooled siblings who live in a log cabin with a big garden in rural Georgia, and they are all very creative. Hint: their favorite store is Hobby Lobby. 😉 The two boys like building with duct tape and LEGOs, while their older sister loves making unique jewelry creations […]

MINECRAFT: Mine, Craft, Build

This review is about Minecraft. The name of the game basically states what the game is: you mine materials and craft materials. It’s an adventure building sandbox game in which everything is shaped like blocks. So if you like LEGOs you will like this game. Minecraft is currently in Beta 1.8 but the full release […]

Irregular Webcomic!

Webcomix A column by Peter (age 18) Today I’m talking about a fairly Big Name in webcomics. Irregular Webcomic, created by David Morgan-Mar, an Australian physicist. Despite what its name implies, Irregular Webcomic is very regular with its updates. The author updates it every day, and hasn’t missed a day since 2003. A very impressive […]