MINECRAFT: Mine, Craft, Build

This review is about Minecraft. The name of the game basically states what the game is: you mine materials and craft materials. It’s an adventure building sandbox game in which everything is shaped like blocks. So if you like LEGOs you will like this game. Minecraft is currently in Beta 1.8 but the full release of the game will be out in a few months. There are two game modes: Survival, and Creative. Creative mode is pretty simple. You get an unlimited supply of every building material and you get to “fly.” Survival mode is a bit different. You start out with nothing and slowly work your way up to the better stuff with the supplies you get. You start with wood tools and can dig down to get iron, diamonds, and other minerals to make better tools. In Survival mode, there are also different types of animals and creatures for you to fight. One of the most dangerous is the Creeper, a green armless monster that explodes when it is near you. The Creeper is the builders’ worst enemy because it destroys the blocks around them. There are also common zombies and giant spiders. You also have passive farm animals – cows, pigs, sheep. Along with the different game styles, there are two different ways to play: singleplayer and multiplayer. Honestly I like multiplayer better because I get to play with my friends. But singleplayer has its advantages, too, like there aren’t any griefers trying to blow up your stuff (just Creepers!). For those of you who own Minecraft or want to buy Minecraft (about $20), if you download the 1.9 pre-release you will get extra stuff like potions and experience points. This game may look too blocky at first and not seem like much, but it is one of the best I’ve ever played. I really recommend getting it. Go to www.minecraft.net to view the trailer and buy the game. The original Minecraft Classic is downloadable for free if you want to try it, but it’s not as good as the buyable version.

-A game review by Super Searcher and his brother, Dune Jumper

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