Irregular Webcomic!

A column by Peter (age 18)

Today I’m talking about a fairly Big Name in webcomics. Irregular Webcomic, created by David Morgan-Mar, an Australian physicist.

Despite what its name implies, Irregular Webcomic is very regular with its updates. The author updates it every day, and hasn’t missed a day since 2003. A very impressive record.

Irregular Webcomic is made using photos of Lego characters, and D&D miniatures. It doesn’t have just one story in it; it has many different themes all going at the same time, and they occasionally overlap. And they’re all funny. No, I can’t figure out how he does it either.

Some of the comics have annotations, sometimes with an explanation of the humor involved, a behind-the-scenes look at how the comic was made, or an explanation of an obscure reference. The comic is also noted for having one of the most elaborate indexing/archiving schemes around.

You can read through each different theme individually, but then you won’t understand everything when there’s a crossover. So as always, I say to start at the beginning. (There are over 2000 strips in the archive, so you will need a while. 😉 )

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