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Study Smart

There is only one way to get good grades, and that is by studying and applying yourself. Sincere motivation, along with some decent effort, will help you to do well in school. You can start developing good study habits by approaching your studies with a positive attitude and arranging your home environment to encourage learning. […]


By TriciaMcQuarrie, http://ClepPrep.tripod.com We would like to share with you a link to our website which contains FREE lesson plans for earning college credits using the CLEP examination program.  Again, all the plans on our site are FREE and we would like to share this information with the wider homeschool community.  If you feel led, would you […]

College Tests: Part 2

In last month’s issue of Homeschooling Teen, we published an article that summarized the PSAT, SAT, SAT II’s, CLEP, and GED tests. This month we will briefly describe the ACT, AP, and COMPASS exams. ACT – Celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, the ACT is a standardized test for college admissions that measures high school […]

Preparing for College Tests

By Randi St. Denis “You can’t prepare for the SAT.”  Educational Testing Service, the company that writes the SAT, has worked hard to convince people that they cannot improve their scores by studying for the test. But half a million students disagree and say that you can substantially improve your scores on college tests by […]