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Gaming Through the Pandemic

Would you say that you played more games during the pandemic, or did you spend about the same amount of time gaming? These survey results may surprise you!

Nintendo Switch

This versatile video game system combines the mobility of a handheld with the power of a home gaming system.

The Fall of Games, Rise of PC?

Back then we used to feel the excitement that each new console will improve the best graphics. Now it seems that people are starting to get games digitally and better.

PS4 is coming!

By Nick Maker If you missed the February 20, 2013 console presentation, I’ll describe it for you guys and gals. See, rumor has it that a new console is emerging right before our very own eyes and the rumor was true. Introducing the PS4 everybody! Sadly this isn’t the real thing (BOOO!). Calm down folks, […]

Wii U

By Nick Maker It’s that time of the month when parents are ready to spend their money on their kids’ presents and what better way to spend it than on the new Wii U Gaming Console released on November 18, 2012! The Wii U is a recent revolutionary gaming with your family and friends. Nintendo […]