Wii U

By Nick Maker

It’s that time of the month when parents are ready to spend their money on their kids’ presents and what better way to spend it than on the new Wii U Gaming Console released on November 18, 2012!

The Wii U is a recent revolutionary gaming with your family and friends. Nintendo finally made a HD console; so all you hard-core gamers can finally play Assassin Creed III and Black Ops 2. The console supports Wii games and Wii u games, but not game cube games. So, there is a down side: we can’t play our old favorite games. Get over it!

The console also has built-in feature programs such as Miiverse- a gaming community center to chat about the games you’ve been playing. It includes an e shop feature, a friend list, video chat, and internet browser, Mii maker and Nintendo TVii – a channel for watching your favorite shows, sports, and a lot more. If you purchase the basic pack for $300 plus tax you get only the console, gamepad, charger and 8gbs. However, if you buy the deluxe pack for $350 plus tax you get the console, gamepad, charger, charging station, Wii U holder and gamepad holder.

Let’s talk about the game Nintendo Land. With a Nintendo digital promotion, the purchase gets you points but you get 10% more to exchange for an e shop credit to buy more games. Also, listen up, it has 32gbs of storage; it will give you all the memory you need. There is a catch: you need to spend it on the day one update for the e shop, the miiverse, and some more-with probably 4gbs of storage. In other words, if you buy the basic pack, you get a total of 4gbs after you do the update and the 32gbs, 28gbs. It is a pretty sad that this console doesn’t have a lot of memories while the Xbox and Ps3 have like 200gbs which is like WOW!

The gamepad is practically light and the controls are smooth and easy to use. The touch screen is pretty okay and a bit small, but it works best with your stylish when you drag stuff on the screen. The gamepad has also motion controls for all your best games like racing or Nintendo Land. The big downside to all that cool stuff is that the battery life is only three hours and if you power save that pad is like four hours. What rots even more is when the wii and 3ds surface with bad batteries. Yes, the gamepad is very cool, but if you want to play more, you need to charge while playing. You’ll get over that too. The games are far off cool and deserve an A+.

Some of the games are great and some-not so great. Nintendo Land is pretty radical. The all-time Nintendo classic characters are all here in that theme park- much like Disney Land. Pikmin 3 is also the best series for me; the little guys are back and better than ever with all new characters, graphics, new pikmin (though I wish they would add another one) and new story-Tank Tank Tank, by far of the best game I have ever laid eyes on. It’s about tanks fight with other tanks and monsters; what better way to fight with your friends in a game of tanks kicking each other’s butt. Super Mario Bros. U is another okay game which is the same concept, but hey, at least you can put your mii in the game for the first time.

The Wonderful 101 is not my bad game, that is, I like it but the title really is much too silly. You get to be a super hero kicking butt and you call yourself the Wonderful 101? Come on, give me a break! The old name wasn’t that bad but Wonderful 101? Sounds like a kiddy’s game! Make it sound like they are super heroes and not super childish.

Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge is pretty cool to some of you and I don’t care whether you buy that game or not; but for me the word gore has a rich meaning to it. You slice enemies with your sword and the bad guy’s gut explode; you poke them some more and they explode with blood. What?!? Come on! How much blood can be drained out of a person? Does anyone have that much blood to drain? A wee bit exaggerated, don’t you think?

Well, that’s my spill, guys and gals. Like the movie, I explain the Good, the Bad, and the U. Suggestion re the Wii U: wait a bit to see more games and wait to see if the price drops. Go ahead and make a decision if you want to buy them, but for me, on a scale of 1 to 10, I give it a 7 for lack of memory, lack of battery power and not enough features that get me super interested enough to get the Wii U that fast. See you next month with another Nick and Knack on the games. Have a great holiday, whatever holiday you celebrate in December!

About the Author: Nicolas has a gift of making stories and good reviews of games, books, and movies.

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