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Many kids and adults get bullied because of what they wear, where they’re from, or how they talk … but God loves everyone equally!

My Story

By Lulu. I started getting homeschooled in the fall of 2012, the beginning of my 8th grade school year.

How to Tell if Your Child is Being Bullied

By Jennifer Making sure your child maintains a healthy social life outside of a homeschooling environment is an important part of their development. For a lot of kids, school is where friendships are forged and they learn crucial social skills with their peers. For children that are homeschooled, activities, clubs, and hobbies are all fantastic […]

Bullies and Guns Don’t Mix Well in Life

By Nick Maker This is an issue I would like to bring up and it is about bullying, but I have another that I’ll bring up later on. The Bully: About three weeks ago I was watching a special episode from Cartoon Network titled “The Bully Effect.” Following is the link to the episode if […]