Bullies and Guns Don’t Mix Well in Life

By Nick Maker

This is an issue I would like to bring up and it is about bullying, but I have another that I’ll bring up later on.

The Bully: About three weeks ago I was watching a special episode from Cartoon Network titled “The Bully Effect.” Following is the link to the episode if you want to watch it first then read the issues later, because I’ll express a little of this episode and what I really think about this.

I can’t believe that in today’s society, the next generation of young ones is acting like the dark ages. Their minds are messed up. Almost everyone mistreated this one boy and no one helped him. That is pitiful and inexcusable for the students and the adults who just sit there and do nothing. (I’m talking to you, bus driver.)

That part when (I think it was) the bus driver on the front seat saw him get hurt and she just smiled, was sick. I don’t know why students today are cavemen. Now I know it is not entirely their faults; the parents also hold blame.

There always has to be a balance in our lives when you have to restrict someone because their actions will hurt them, and because they might not even realize they are doing it. Give them a suitable punishment that doesn’t involve hitting them too hard.

Now there are some bullies who have problems at home, like parent trouble, and we know that that leads to bullying to make the person feel better. I’m guessing some of you who are reading this have problems too about bullying (so do I), but in life you just have to find help and educate anyone who doesn’t know this and just lend a hand.

Back then and today I’m thinking and always ask this question to myself, have we learned anything from our ancestors’ past mistakes and have we evolved in our minds to become a better species than any creature on earth?

Guns in Texas: Another big issue that I find is medieval, stupid, and I’m guessing you could say western style gun slinging cowboy (no offense Texans). I heard that in Texas law you can bring a gun onto a college campus, which I would like to say the most absurd thing I have ever heard; next to the issue of let them have cocaine in Norway. But what is more, you still can bring a gun in the class room, which means if a teacher gets you mad, just shoot her; no one cares. Oh, but don’t worry — you have to be a licensed experienced shooter to have a gun, which is still not enough. I feel more unsafe being on a college campus with guns around and don’t know if a student will suddenly go crazy.

Having a gun doesn’t make you safe, it takes more of your courage, your safety, and others’ safety than ever before. Look, if a psycho maniac pulls up a sub machine gun, you won’t have time to react if you’re already dead. I know that this world is already crazy with psychos, but don’t make even crazier than it was before. Yes, I know you’re afraid, so too am I, but do you really think a gun in a classroom will keep you safe from anyone’s harm?

Please, if anyone agreed to these sayings, tell the Texas government or any government in your home state and start a petition for no guns in our lives. There will be always danger in this world, but taking away sub machine guns, background checks, and all other restricted stuff is good for the world.

I think a defensive strategy is better than an offense, like metal detector doors at the front of the school, maybe gun proof windows, or maybe long distance pepper balls that you shoot with it.

Thanks for reading about these issues. It really helps me think that you the readers care for these issues and want a better world to live in. Next month I’ll stay either game news related or some summer fun related and I’ll see you next time.

Here are videos about some gun law jokes:

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