Tips for Decorating a Beautiful and Unique Bedroom

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Your bedroom is arguably the most important room in the house. After all being a homeschooler, you spend most of your life in your room, either sleeping or studying. It is where you begin and end the day. So, creating a bedroom that resonates with your feelings and colors of your choice while making it a comfortable place with plenty of breathing space is necessary.

For homeschoolers, it only makes sense to adorn your bedroom with beautiful sheets, matching curtains, and a chic or classic bed frame. And unlike the rest of your house which is more or less designed to impress the guests, the bedroom is a place that should express you.

So, do not hesitate. Your personal quarters deserve a makeover.

While designing a personal sanctuary that best expresses your emotions and personality might seem like a tall order, it is not impossible. That is why we have prepared a list of tips that will help you design your dream bedroom.

Wall Color

When it comes to designing your bedroom, the wall color is probably the most important task. It is what defines the essence of the room. Deciding the right color for your room may seem intimidating but it does not have to be.

Instead of choosing bold colors, go for subtle shades as it is a place where you want to feel calm, relaxed, and at ease. Don’t be afraid of choosing the wrong color. If it turns out to be something you don’t like, you can always repaint.

Yes, the paint aisle in a home improvement store seems daunting. There are thousands of colors to choose from. But don’t worry. With a little planning and help from professionals, you will have your bedroom walls painted with a perfect color.


When designing your bedroom, decide what furniture you plan to have in your room. Usually, it involves a bed wall but that alone is not enough. What about the dresser, side table, study area, chair, etc. You must consider the space needed in your bedroom to accommodate these as well.

Also, it is important to not overstuff your room with furniture. Keep it classy and minimal. The furniture layout of your bedroom has to be perfect.

Now, when you are all set with the layout, you need to pick up furniture that matches your bedroom theme. In case you are redesigning your room, pick out furniture that is different from what you have. Change the color and theme. Effectively, make any small changes that you can. This way, your bedroom will feel newer.


The real beauty of the room lies in its lights. It is something that you cannot ignore especially when you are looking to design a bedroom with a relaxing and inviting atmosphere. To create the best lighting ambience in your bedroom, you must understand how layering works.

In other words, you need to find the perfect balance between accent, task, and ambient lighting. If you find this right mix of lights, you will be able to create the lighting for any mood.

Also, do not forget the importance of dimmers. In any modern bedroom, dimmers play a very important role in the grand design of your room. Understand that if there are only bright sources of light then you won’t be able to transition the mood of your room into a relaxed night mode.

Simple & Sober

Whether you are renovating your house to bring back some freshness or designing your bedroom from scratch, it is important to keep it simple and sober. This is because you want it to be a room where you can feel relaxed and forget all your worries.

For this reason, bright colors are not advised for bedrooms. Also, simple and sober colors will make your room look more spacious and comfortable. The choice of colors and furniture and essentially the whole design makes a huge difference.

Go for neutral and soft tones to bring the best out of your room. Do not let any clutter take over your floor area and the walls. It is best if you choose the decor that fits in the right spaces and is proportionate with the size of the room.


As we all know, the bedroom is a restful space. This is why the room must be kept uncluttered and have proper storage. This way the room will feel more stress free and spacious. Here are some ways you can incorporate more storage areas in your bedroom.

  • Make sure the furniture you choose for the bedroom has appropriate storage space. For starters, get yourself a bedside table with drawers so that you can store things like your favorite books, skin care products, reading glasses, and other paraphernalia out of sight.
  • Furthermore, you can get yourself a small dresser that goes with the theme of your room. Make sure it has drawers for storage.
  • At the foot of the bed, get yourself a trunk to store bed sheets, pillows, and blankets.

Essentially, when purchasing furniture for your room, keep in mind that it also serves as a storage unit. Your room will only look presentable if it is organized well.

Final Words

So, excited to design your own bedroom?

Creating a bedroom of your dreams may feel overwhelming but it is not an impossible task. If it is too much of a DIY, you can seek help from professionals. Anyhow, these tips will help you curate an idea and design your dream bedroom.

Your bedroom is not the first place you see when you enter your house. But, it is the place where you spend most of your time. Do not hesitate to go overboard. Your home will feel like a home only if your bedroom resonates with your moods and emotions.

With this in mind, get comfortable and design your bedroom without any hassles. The aforementioned tips will help give your idea a direction and meaning. Let us know if you have any questions or queries regarding designing a bedroom.

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