Letter from the Editor: September 2020

Dear Readers,

Happy September! This sure has been a crazy mixed up year. It’s like overnight we went from quarantining indoors to rioting in the streets! And what’s up with California, they have a lot of serious problems like homelessness, power blackouts, and terrible fires raging; and yet they’re obsessed with banning church services and Halloween!

Thinking back to September 2001, that was another strange and tragic time for our nation. Nineteen years ago, 9/11 shocked America and changed the course of modern history. Everyone knows what happened on that day… right? The truth is, many young people don’t, but they need to, as C.J. Pearson explains in this video. But enough editorializing, you are going to love this month’s magazine!

First of all, if you are the least bit interested in photography, even just taking pictures with your smartphone, you should enroll in Photo Fix for Teens. Learn how to take awesome photos with a special limited-time offer of 55% off exclusively for Homeschooling Teen readers! At this price, you can get lifetime access for less than the normal cost of a semester! Sign up now if you want to join the live class, or even if you just want to work at your own pace – it works either way.

Ready to build your college portfolio, learn something new, or explore an area that you’ve never had an opportunity to before? Join the Clemson Fall Scholars! Choose from Crime Scene Investigation, Molecular Toolbox for Research and Medicine, or Nursing and Health Promotion. All taught by Clemson University instructors at their lowest prices yet! Or join the Virtual STEM Club! The deadline to register is September 16th, 2020. Registration for the Fall Scholars online courses closes on September 21st. (September 21, 2020 is also World Alzheimer’s Awareness Day.)

And finally, we’re pleased to announce our new advice column, Advice Paradise! We had a couple of short-lived ones prior to our long-term Honest Advice with Sugar and Spice, which ran from August 2014 to May 2016 – and it’s been missed. Now we’re excited to start one up again! Do you have a question to ask? (Don’t worry, it can be anonymous.) Send it to mail@homeschoolingteen.com and we will share it with the Advice Paradise team to be posted in the next issue of Homeschooling Teen.

This month we also have articles on a variety of topics including a Science Fair Winner… Animal Crossing… Stress Snacking… Little Women… Summer Bounty… Welding Careers… Music Scholarship… and more – click here to see them all!

Happy Homeschooling!

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