Photo Fix for Teens (and Preteens)

Photo Fix for TeensLooking for a homeschool photography elective? Photo Fix for Teens is an online photography course from Shultz Photo School that will teach you how to take pro quality pics for the rest of your life.

  • Pro quality snapshots of your everyday moments.
  • Pro quality pics of those big moments you never want to forget (vacations, trips, graduations).
  • Pro quality pics of pictures that you want to frame as art or print out on canvas.

Your pics will transform whether you shoot with a smartphone or a $3,000 camera!

While public enrollment for the fall semester ended on 8/31/20, Homeschooling Teen readers will have a chance to enroll until 9/15/20! Use the coupon code at the link below.



How it Works

After enrolling, you’ll get immediate access to all of the photography lessons, course materials, and a step-by-step checklist for getting started. There is a course schedule, but you can work ahead or you can catch up as needed.

Each lesson has a video along with text and plenty of illustrations. So no matter what your learning style is, they’ve got you covered. They offer a live Q&A at the end of each module. There is also a private Member Forum where you can share pictures, get feedback, and ask questions. It’s an encouraging community, and the SPS staff is there daily to offer support, advice, and personalized assistance. That alone is worth the cost of the course!

After completing the course, choose a capstone project to show off your skills! Past ideas include portrait sessions, fine art projects, photo essays, sports photography, and photojournalism.

Course Overview

Module 1: Composition – Composition is how you frame your subject. No matter what kind of camera you are using, if you learn some of the foundational principles of composition, all your pictures will be better. They will have more impact, your viewer’s eye will be drawn to the subject, and a better story will be told – all because of foundational compositional elements such as the rule of thirds, filling the frame, perspective, leading lines, negative space, etc. This module will get you taking better pictures right away!

Module 2: Lighting – Lighting is an important topic, and it covers a lot of area: light direction (front light, side light, back light), soft light vs. hard light, flat vs. dynamic lighting, etc. Learn how to use natural light to your advantage, the best places in your home to find great natural light, and how to use window light like a pro. By this time you will be taking drastically better pictures!

Module 3: Understanding Exposure – Learn how a camera captures and creates an image, explained in a way that you’ll never forget! Once you understand exposure from a high level and know all about ISO, shutter speed, and aperture, you will see how these things really do make a big difference in your final image.

Module 4: Camera Operations – Learn how to shoot in manual – don’t worry, if all those buttons and settings on a digital camera intimidate you, you’ll be glad to know you really only need to master ten of them! They call it the “Ten Camera Commandments.” Just by using these ten buttons on your camera, you can capture 99 out of 100 images that you can envision.

Module 5: Post Production – Post production is everything that happens after the shoot. Learn the basics of editing in Adobe Lightroom, which is what 99% of the pros use. Even though it’s a professional level application, it’s easy enough to learn how to use in no time so you can edit like a pro! There’s a 7-day free trial so you don’t need to buy it just for the class; it works on both Mac and PC.

Bonus Module: Gear Guide – Get recommendations on the best cameras, lenses, lighting, software and accessories to purchase that will save you money! (HINT: Christmas is coming up!)

Bonus Module: Phone Photography – 20 phone photography tutorials that will help you get the very best out of your iPhone or Android camera!

Kyle Shultz is currently working on another bonus module on Editing. This will bring the course up to 80 lessons. It takes about 8 weeks to go through each module and lesson, with an additional 2 weeks set aside for a final capstone project. Plus an additional 2 weeks of bonus lessons, which adds up to 12 weeks total.

So you see, it would be pretty easy to get high school credit for this photography course. Especially when you include all of your photo-taking adventures and excursions!



There are a TON more details on the page listed above (as well as videos, pricing options, schedule, FAQs, testimonials, etc.). Here are some common questions:

Do I have to complete the course with the group?

Not necessarily. When you enroll, you’ll get immediate access to all course content. Perfect for those who prefer to go at their own pace, who want to work ahead, etc. But the Group Study is AWESOME! Twice per year (once beginning Sep 1 and once beginning Feb 1) Photo Fix For Teens is taught in more of a “live” group experience format. This is where you go through the course alongside other students and the SPS Team. They post pics and assignments daily in the SPS Member Chat, and they host a Zoom Q&A meeting at the end of each module. It’s worth noting: you’ll get daily access to the SPS mentors, who are all professional photographers with education backgrounds!

Is the course self-paced?

It definitely can be, especially if you purchase the LIFETIME ACCESS option. In this case you can go through the course on demand at any time. In between sessions you just won’t have the live Q&As or active feedback from moderators and classmates. LIFETIME Access means you retain access to the course for life, including all future updates! And when you purchase the LIFETIME option, you’ll also get to participate in future group studies! Perfect if you feel behind the first time. Also perfect for those who completed it but know they’ll keep improving if they participate again!

Do I have to own a “real camera” to benefit from the course?

No. Any camera will work – smartphone, DSLR, mirrorless, etc. Most of the content transcends specific cameras and focuses on photography fundamentals that our snapshot culture has largely forgotten. If you only have an iPhone or mobile phone, this will all still apply to you. In fact, there is a bonus module that is all about how to use the iPhone like a pro, including apps that let you shoot in manual mode just like a real camera. But if you or your parents have an old-school camera, get ready to fall in love with it!

What is the deadline to sign up?

You have until 9/15/20 to sign up if you would like to join the current live Fall session. Fall semester access is good until 11/30/20. If you purchase Lifetime Access then you will always have access. Another live group will start in the spring semester in the early part of 2021. Our special offer is good for a limited time only, so even if you can’t start the course until later, now’s the time to sign up for Lifetime Access.



Photo Fix for TeensGot questions? If you have any questions about Photo Fix for Teens, please email: info[at]

What types of activities and courses have you used as electives? Leave a comment and we may include yours in a future column!

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