Ten College Dorm Room Essentials

dorm room essentialsGoing away to college is an exciting time in your life. Whether you are moving to a dorm room or off-campus apartment, it can be difficult deciding what to bring and what to leave at home. You will want to take certain essentials with you, but leave behind anything you won’t really need. If you know your roommate, it would be a good idea to find out which things they’re planning on bringing to avoid unnecessary duplicates.

You may think you’ve remembered everything, but perhaps there is something you haven’t considered. Like the stuff on our list of unique and useful dorm room essentials for college bound students. And if you are a family member or friend looking for going-away gift ideas, you can’t miss with one of these!

Bedside Storage Caddy – While sitting, laying or sleeping in your dorm bed there will be some items you want to keep handy like your glasses, phone, tissues, keys, MP3 player, or any other small item that you don’t want to get lost. This bedside caddy holds just about everything you need (lightweight items only) within arm’s reach.

Portable Shower Tote – This quick-drying portable mesh bag will help you to separate and organize your shower belongings, and save time from having to gather up everything before heading to the shower. Made of military-grade nylon mesh, this is the most durable mesh tote you can buy. Perfect for dorm, camping, and travel, it has reinforced handles for carrying and hanging. It even comes in a bunch of different colors!

Dorm Room Safety Kit – These days you can never be too careful, so here is a kit that contains an assortment of useful devices that will provide you with a sense of security whether you’re living in a dorm or off-campus apartment. Includes a little “Bag of Courage” pouch, a college safety checklist, and even comes packaged in a cute gift box.

DormDoc First Aid Kit – This product is much more than just an ordinary first aid kit. Designed by a pharmacist, DormDoc is a 125-piece First Aid/OTC Med Kit for students packed in a tri-fold, 600-denier nylon water-resistant case with handle. It’s packed with FDA-approved over-the-counter medications and first aid supplies. Everything is labeled with simple color-coded instructions. There is even extra space to store your personal medications.

Sewing Gear – This zippered sewing kit is larger than most but still quite compact, and it comes with premium sewing notions and a good quality scissors. The kit has everything you’ll ever need to fix any tear, rip, hem, or to sew a missing button on your shirt. It even has 100 extra straight pins and safety pins so you won’t run out. Perfect for teens, college students, travelers and military.

College-Sized Tool Kit – A useful and compact toolkit with 39 items perfect for college students or apartment dwellers. Includes a hammer, monkey wrench, pliers, screwdriver, measuring tape, and lots more. Take care of loose screws, furniture assembly, and even minor car repairs. Tools are neatly stored in a sturdy molded plastic case. Each tool has its own place so it will be easy to tell if someone borrowed one and didn’t put it back. Choose your favorite color: blue, orange, pink or red! Makes a great gift, too.

Master Lock SafeSpace – This personal portable safe gives students the freedom of always knowing that their MP3 players, USB drives, cell phones, cameras, cash, credit cards, jewelry, keys, passports, sunglasses, prescription pills, and other small valuables are well protected wherever they go. The interior is lined with shock-absorbing foam to keep items protected. Set your own combination for easy recall and convenience. The safe includes a cable to wrap securely around a fixed object or to use as a carrying handle. It even has an ear bud/charging cable access port, so you can listen to music or charge devices while keeping them securely stored.

LyxPro HAS-10 Headphones – If you’re serious about music or gaming, you’ve got to get these professional closed-back headphones. They have neodymium magnets for superior audio quality and a wide dynamic range. The soft leather headband and ear pads are super comfortable, and rotate 180° for single ear use. These adjustable headphones are made of durable stainless steel and aluminum for strength in a lightweight design, and the screw-in jack won’t accidentally get pulled out. Two different connectors are included to fit a range of electronics. The noise-blocking aspect reduces outside sounds and helps you to concentrate, so they are perfect for dorm room living. Everything about this product is high quality – even the sturdy box, the interior of which is lined with satin cloth. Makes a great gift!

Meals on the Run Campus Survival Kit – College students are always on the go – and that can sometimes mean they don’t have much time to eat. This product comes with about 20 quick and easy-to-make food items plus a bowl, utensils, and water bottle.

Care Package for College Students – The Snack Box (10”X13”) is filled with a variety of 50 individually wrapped name brand snacks. It includes a mix of sweet and salty treats. The box contains plenty of snacks for your favorite student as well as some for them to share! This is a great idea for back to school or college care packages, military care packages, housewarming gifts, and preparation for road trips.

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