Homeschooling Teen – January 2017

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Felicity Wilcox: Winter is Coming

Did you hear about the 13-year-old homeschooler accused of trademark infringement because her artwork contained the phrase “Winter is Coming”?

Abilene Christian University

ACU is a diverse, welcoming, academically rigorous community redefining what it means to be a Christian university in the 21st century.


The Bible and Its Influence

Such vast amounts of literature and art contain Biblical allusions that ignorance of the Bible cripples any meaningful study of these subjects.


The Education of Little Tree

Read “The Education of Little Tree” and see why the best education starts at home with one’s family.


The Hidden Costs of Homeschooling

While homeschooling does have a lot of perks, there are some hidden costs mixed in there as well.


Uphomes Scholarship 2017

This scholarship is open to homeschoolers; submissions due by January 31.


21 Things that Happen When a Homeschooler Goes to College

Homeschool to College: 21 things to expect.


5 Best Types of Career Advice for Millennials

The career advice offered here takes into account the area of interest and problems millennials face when they start their professional life.


Helen Keller

Helen Keller is my favorite historical person; she inspired me to learn sign language.


End of First Semester

The very first day of school I thought to myself, “This semester is going to be a long one.”


How Cyberbullying Isolates Teenagers

It will take time to heal from cyberbullying, but it does get better.


E-Learning – a New Word in the World of Homeschooling

Thanks to e-learning resources, teens are able to teach themselves.


Welcome Original Thinkers

Kimberly-Clark is looking for bright, talented thinkers who are eager to explore ideas, solve problems, and be part of collaborative teams.


Piezo Buzzer Project & How it Works

Manny made his own piezo buzzer to show how one actually works.


Ten Most Anticipated Games of 2017

These are our top ten most anticipated games of 2017.


Zoe’s Art Corner: January 2017

For my January 2017 Zoe’s Art Corner, here is my part of an art trade.


How to Develop Your Study Skills: Work Smarter, Not Harder

How to study effectively is a skill that can be developed.


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