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The maker of Kleenex, Cottonelle, and Huggies has launched a recruitment program aimed at attracting young engineers, product developers, and marketers to its Neenah, Wisconsin, location. “We’re on the quest for original thinkers,” the 144-year-old company says. The end result is a new Kimberly-Clark website that revolves around creativity and innovation.

Part of the site involves an online personality quiz to help prospective employees learn what kind of thinkers they are and what kind of jobs would be a good fit for them. It doesn’t take long; there are only nine questions. You’re asked, for example, how would you run a local recycling program? Would you create a slogan? Gather opinions from neighbors? Or would you question why this is taking priority over safety and security?

The quiz evaluates you responses and then tells you what sort of original thinker you are. There are eight choices: dreamer, analyzer, disrupter, muse, nonconformist, adaptor, maker, and inventor. After you take the quiz, you can share your results across social media and/or see what jobs at Kimberly-Clark would be best for you.

You can also filter the results by “internships.” FYI: “Kimberly-Clark offers Internships and Co-Op positions for undergraduate and graduate students in a variety of areas including: Accounting, Engineering, Finance, Logistics, Marketing, Research & Engineering, Sales, and Supply Chain.”

Click on the image above or this link to access the quiz: www.wotquiz.com

Frans Mahieu, global marketing director at Kimberly-Clark, says that the quiz is meant to draw in candidates and show what kinds of employees the company is looking for. It’s also a good conversation starter between the company’s recruiters and candidates.

Learning about the jobs at Kimberly-Clark will help you search for those types of jobs at different companies as well. Based on your values, interests, personality and preferences, you can identify jobs that you’re likely to enjoy and thrive in, not just at Kimberly-Clark, but anywhere.

Mahieu notes that innovation is one of the four company core values. So, he sees this whole campaign as showing people that the company has always been about. Did you know…?

  • Kimberly-Clark’s first business was operating paper mills, which the collective expanded throughout the following decades.
  • Kimberly-Clark developed cellu-cotton in 1914, a cotton substitute used by the U.S. Army as surgical cotton during World War I.
  • Kimberly-Clark developed Kleenex, a disposable handkerchief, in 1924.

The “original thinking” theme will ultimately spread throughout all of the company’s recruiting, such as its job posts and college recruiting tours. Additional info including videos, images and more can be found on this microsite: www.wotquizinfo.com

Take the quiz and find out what type of thinker you are: www.wotquiz.com

I’m a Nonconformist! This description fits me pretty well. 🙂 What type of original thinker are you?

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