How to Develop Your Study Skills: Work Smarter, Not Harder

By Aris Grigoriou

How to study effectively is a skill that can be developed. All you have to do is work smarter, not harder.

There are many different methods to optimize your studying in order to get the most from the time that you put in. It doesn’t matter if you are in full time school, recently returned to college, or have enrolled in further education at night – you can find tips and tricks that are really helpful.

Managing your time is the toughest part. Our brain is unable to process any new information after 90 minutes of continuous study. The best way to maximize your study time is to study for 30 minutes, then take a five minute break and repeat. A short break can be anything from getting up from your desk and walking around, to filling your water bottle, or having a cup of coffee.

Three in every five college students stay up to study all night at some point, but this practice is actually linked with lower grades. Even a short nap can often refresh and recharge the brain. The recommended time for a good nap is between 20 and 30 minutes. Any longer than that and it will be difficult to re-engage your brain.

Other factors that can be considered for study management include: identifying incentives that will get you to study, allocating a specific area to do your studying, revising past exam papers in comparison to reviewing long text passages in books, getting enough rest at night, following a healthy diet, and feeding your brain with foods that will fuel it.

For a visual representation of how to develop your study skills to work smarter, not harder, see the below infographic produced by Study Medicine Europe.

Aris Grigoriou is the Student Recruitment Manager at Study Medicine Europe, where she facilitates students to study medicine, dentistry, and veterinary courses.

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