Homeschooling Teen – February 2016

Happy February! The current issue of Homeschooling Teen magazine is online at!

In honor of Black History Month, Sherah lists celebrations of black history, culture, and heritage taking place across the country, while Narrelle reviews Go Set a Watchman.

The featured teen this month is Stephen Zhang, a homeschooler in Australia who had a perfect end-of-year VCE score without ever setting foot in high school.

In another article, Alifia explains what it’s like to homeschool in Indonesia.

Additionally, Osborn’s article compares views about homeschooling in the US and UK.

Check out Naomi’s review of The Doctrines of Grace, Alesha’s 4-H speech on goats, Zach’s review of The Last of Us, and Zoe’s fantastic Marinette artwork.

Read about Atari Vault and the National STEM Video Game Challenge, plus take a look at 71 Free Online Courses and Tutorials You Haven’t Tried Before.

Olyvea and Ethan tactfully answer readers’ questions regarding some difficult dilemmas, and Nick gives ideas on how to deal with stress, while Jennifer addresses homeschool stereotypes with objectivity and truthfulness, showing both the good and bad sides of homeschooling.

Did you know…? Oral Roberts University was one of the first universities to welcome homeschoolers. As one of the top five healthiest universities in America, this year they started a pioneering program that requires their students to wear Fitbit fitness trackers!

Also in this issue:

Six of the Most Rewarding Degrees That Allow You to Change the Lives of Others

Education At Home: 5 Applicable Degrees for Further Study

4 Specialized Business Degrees for a Long Career

Tips for Teaching Teens Better Banking Habits

Social Media Messengers and Applications – A Great Value for Online Education

And finally, Tab reviews a book about a naive 17-year-old homeschooled girl who imagines herself as a Gothic heroine. Can you guess the name of this classic?

Read all of these articles online at!

P.S. We miss our long-running anime column. If someone wants to take over the anime reviews, please contact

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