Homeschooling Teen – March 2016

Happy March! The current issue of Homeschooling Teen magazine is online at!


The featured homeschool teen this month is skilled buffalo herder and talented singer Eva Jerde, who grew up on a ranch along with nine brothers and sisters.

Wish you could attend an Ivy League college but don’t have the monetary resources or SAT scores to get in? Find out how to get an Ivy League education for free!

Are you a natural leader? Here are five degrees for leaders. Or do you love sports? Here are five degrees for sports fans!

Looking for a history, literature, or humanities elective? What So Proudly We Hail is an excellent curriculum that highlights the American spirit in story, speech, and song!

Need advice about online relationships? Don’t miss Olyvea and Ethan‘s column!

Also in this issue:

Sherah tells about International Women’s Day which is coming up on March 8th.

Hannah wrote a descriptive poem titled “Paint You,” and Zoe created an original character, Thunder Quake.

In the category of games, Nick reviews Amnesia the Dark Descent and Zach reviews Payday 2.

In the category of books, Narrelle gives an overview of Without You, There is no Us, Naomi reviews Who was Walt Disney?, and Alifia recommends five history books for high school.

As for homeschooled characters in literature and film, it doesn’t get much better than Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.

This month there are three infographics:

CV and Resumé Mistakes to Avoid

Hiring Tendencies in the IT World

Choosing the Best Paying Majors

Additional articles include:

Where Do the School Systems Fail for Foster Kids?

What It Really Means To Have a Learning Disability

Optical Illusions: What Do You See?

Read all of these articles online at!

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